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Photoshop Works 23: Threshold

This is my favorite niece... Miguel.

Daily Confessions 23: Top Five Things That Pisses Me Off Right Now

I should be having my peaceful weekend right now but instead, things are getting a little bit annoying.

The list below comes in random order.
  1. Internet Connection - It's been a week but I still won't be able to upload a 100KB image to Facebook or to my blog. I am planning of switching to a different ISP ASAP! Their CSR is making me feel like I was an idiot! Its been a week and they can't explain clearly what is happening with my connection.
  2. Nothing to Watch - Since my internet connection is like sending an email in a snail-mail way, I wasn't able to download movies and TV series without leaving my PC turned on overnight. That's a lot of electricity consumption and a bigger electricity bill to pay. I got stuck with local TV shows all weekend.
  3. Adjustment Period - I was currectly transfered to another office location leaving all my friends and the things and place I was used to for a year. Moving out of the comfort zone, for me, takes a lot of courage and patience.
  4. Nothing to Blog - It's pretty obvious that I don't have any topic today to post. Writing these down helps me ease the boredom, depression and the disappointment I feel.
  5. Unclear Plans - With all the birthday celebration thing, I can't plan ahead without consulting my friends. Of course, I got the minimal answers and confirmation I got. I am really depressed and disappointed because the people I expect to come won't be able to make it and the others who already confirmed take their words back. From the 80% visitors I expect to come, now I'm down to 30%. I don't know what to do! If this continues, I'm gonna take the birthday celebration off and I will celebrate it myself.
I'm totally pissed off!!

Daily Confessions 22: A Warm Greeting...

... to my MOM!

(I've been very busy the whole day preparing for the celebration that I even take blogging a day-off.)

Happy Halloween!