Daily Confessions 14: Paranoia

Yesterday was my sister’s 18th Birthday celebration. Yes I was there and they need me for capturing memories. I never thought I will be there enjoying even I was really tired and hungry. Good thing that at least I have one visitor came from tons circle of friends I invited - someone I can talk to about choosing what event I will be on that day: my sister’s 18th birthday or the elementary reunion happening at the same time and date. Well obviously, I was at the birthday.

Exactly two weeks ago, my former classmate contacted me. She is throwing a simple reunion or party for our batch. I graduated elementary last March 2000. It’s been 9 years and maybe I’m not yet ready to face them. Something inside me that tells me to come and meet them again but for some reasons, I can’t therefore I won’t. I a
lready told my other former classmates that I won’t be in there but I didn’t tell them my reasons. I really had very bad memories with those people and I don’t want to remember them again. Cause definitely, the topic will definitely be the more of reminiscing the past.

One week ago, I change my mind. I let them know that I will be there but I was still uncertain though. These people were very excited and happy. Something came up the next Monday. My mother is expecting me on the day. She told me that she could really use a hand for preparations. I gave her my word that I will help her on the preparations but not on the event since I’ll be attending another event. It was a last minute decision: I won’t be attending the reunion anymore. I did not expect that there are too many visitors including my relatives. I won’t miss this for the world! So I sent as SMS message that I’m really sorry for disappointing them then I continue taking shots.

The party went very happy and I have no regrets being a part of it. Below are some pictures:

More pictures here.

Going back, I realize that it was just my paranoia that holds me back and my curiosity of what is happening on the reunion urge me to leave the birthday and went there. But blood is ticker than water. I don’t want to regret the day that I wasn’t there for my sister on her special day. So I choose to stay. Besides I’m having fun taking too many pictures and meeting my pretty and cute nieces that I only see every Christmas seasons.

Meeting with an old friend was really a memorable and needs to be treasure. It’s like burning the fire the friendship again that you had before. Talking with London, I learned that my sister’s 18th birthday come once in her lifetime. I can still get a chance to reunite with them again. One more reason that prevents me from doing it is to feel sorry that I let them down on the first. I don’t know if I can face it.

Photoshop Works 19: Cloning

The boy(s) in the picture is my cousin. He volunteered as a model to my latest Photoshop Works. This is the output.

I don't know how I do it. I just did!

Seen in Big Screen 4: Night at the Museum 2

Being in the museum was one of my childhood memories adulthood erased. I remember I’ve been to one of the local museum but I can’t remember any details of where, when and what’s in that museum. Watching Night at the Museum 1 and 2 brings back my childhood.

Promotion is wide and production is high. No wonder why it clicked on the second time. The special effects attract a large number of audiences. The expectation of a better movie than the previous one was once again exceeded.

Ben Stiller never failed to make me laugh. From Meet the Parents to Duplex and up to the latest, I watched all of it. He is really a man of comedy.

Though I wasn’t able to recall the memory that was once lost or hidden somewhere in my brain, watching this movie was able to replace it with a new one, a better one. I feel like I was in a museum as I watch the movie. The very detailed clone of the real world as figures of history is shown in the movie. From the pre-historic cave mans to the latest technology we have, name it, they got it!

Addition to the main cast is Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams) who I learned on the movie was the first man (woman) to fly solo across Atlantic Ocean. Now I’m learning! The Night at the Museum was somehow substantial for general knowledge just like what you acquire when you visit a museum.

Making me wow is one of the criteria I can say that a movie is fantastic! Well what can I say… I’ll give it a Two Thumbs Up! =]

Daily Confessions 13: Reunited

Today is the birthday of my high school friend, Christianne (in pink jersey; left picture) but the celebration was held last Saturday. I saw my old classmates there and what surprise me is they’re still the same. Anyways, my camera did a great job on taking the pictures. Below are some pictures:

More pictures here.

I was hesitant at first. I was walking to Emerson the day before. He said that he will be here in Valenzuela for the party and he invited me and some company (chaperon is better). I wasn’t invited so what I did is to say yes to him and I invited myself and two chaperons. Hahaha!

The party goes well as expected just like every party we had before – too many stories, reminiscing old days, super funny jokes, overflowing vodka and very long cigarettes. That event made my night very happy but emotional. I never thought that I would feel the emptiness and longing I felt when we separated from high school. It was 5 years ago but it feels like yesterday. It’s not everyday that we see or even talk to each other so… seize the moment!

I learned too many things last night. The spirit of alcohol helped me to. I realize that I should give myself some times to laugh out loud and scream at the top of my lungs. Talking to my very good friend who I missed so much makes me realize what a good friend I’ve been which I never though I am. (He’s another story I’m thinking if it’s worth posting and reading.) I undergone the realization of what am I today is what I’ve been in the past with the help of these people. I really miss them so much. I miss high school so badly. Last night was just a glimpse of my very complicated past. I’m partly happy that it did, partly sad that I had to leave it behind.

Photoshop Works 18: Team Ferdie

This postcard was used as our team's entry for our quarterly competition on our project. The man in the image is our manager which represents the teams he's handling.

It was a music video competition and the theme is summer. Since it was summer, I decided to put some warm colors and combine it with cold colors. Guess what? We won the second place! Yipee!

Seen in Big Screen 3: Disturbia

Disturbia is a suspense thriller movie. It’s a story of a boy who suspects his neighbor of committing a murder. He accidentally saw the car that according to the news is the car of the murder. Since he’s in a house arrest, most of his time was to look over his window a watch every move of his neighbor. I will stop at this point and I don’t want to spoil the movie. You should see it for yourself if you haven’t.

I’m really a fan of horror-suspense-thriller movies. From the classic Nightmare in Elm Street up to the latest Saw Series, I’m really updated. What I get from the watching these kinds of shows is the eagerness to finish the show despite of the screams and struggles which I normally don’t experience. If I watch a drama movie late at night, next thing I know I’m dreaming while If I watch a suspense-thriller movie, it will keep me awake all through out the duration of the movie even after.

What I have learned from Disturbia is to stand up for what you believe and what you fight for. Enough courage to stand up is also a requirement even if nobody believes in you. At the end of the day, it was you who made the difference.

Photoshop Works 17: Bleeding Love

Now this one is for all the EMOs out there. I’m trying a different art right now - minimal colors but of extreme emotions. So I used the lyrics of the song Bleeding Love and interpreted it with the act mostly associated to EMOs. So here is my work:

I’m open to suggestions and comments if you have one.

Photoshop Works 16: Music is Life

Now I’m a mood to create a new vector art. Playing music in background helps me how to get started. Now I’m improving! My eyes are getting better when it comes to color combination. This is my masterpiece:

How do feel about music?

Photoshop Works 15: Jaimee Got Married

My team lead Jaimee has been in California for a year for an onshore assignment. I was really impressed by her when I met her over the phone during our weekly meetings. I was more impressed when I finally met her in the flesh when she got back last February 2009. She already made an announcement last December 2008 that she will get married on December 24 at Las Vegas! What a very romantic date and place for a wedding. Disclaimer: Her marriage was not of those quick marriage held on the casinos and led by pastors. She still got a month for preparations for a grandiose church wedding.

So for a different greeting, I created her a simple yet memorable postcard. Here it is:

She finally found the love of her life. =]

Photoshop Works 14: Line Art

As I look for more vector images, I notice that there are too many varieties of this one. One is the Line Art which is usually used in creating animes. So again I try creating one for myself. I used my best friend’s picture as my guide. It’s for you to judge.

Spot the difference. =]

Photoshop Works 13: Upside Down

This is one of the best I made so far. I’m so proud that I made this myself. This one was really am upside down image. Try rotating the image 180 degrees and another set of idea is available.

What do you say?

Photoshop Works 12: Goodbye and Good Luck Jhel!

June 3 was the last day Jhel spent on our workplace and its very hard coping with the depression. Jhel spent almost 3 years on our company and she’s a big loss to the account we’re supporting. She decided to leave her post 1 month ago for some personal reasons. I will be forever grateful and thankful for knowing her and being her friend. She made a lot of difference on my career as well as on my personal growth.

This is what I created for her:

I will miss you Jhel!