Series Box 12: Fallen

Fallen is a miniseries from ABC Family channel that shows every weekend. I’m not sure what time and how the context of miniseries is implemented. I don’t live in the United States. I got the series in one DVD and commercials were already omitted. Anyways, based on what I read it was separated into three parts or shall I say separated into three episodes. Too bad that finished the series in two days.

The concept and idea is very interesting. I can compare the conspiracy to The Da Vinci Code. The difference is that the latter is just a fiction while Fallen depicts closer to the universal beliefs about angels, God and demons.

The opening remark is such a good introduction to every episode. It narrates the history of the Nephilim or human beings with a power of an angel. In short, they are product of a human being and an angel. And in this series, Aaron Corbett - portrayed by Paul Wesley - is the main character.

It was his 21st birthday when he discovers his angelic ability started when he hears his dog talking. From that day, his life changed. Based from the conspiracy, one Nephilim will be born who has power to redeem the other fallen angels and send them back to heaven, and that was him, Aaron Corbett. I will stop from here in case there are spoiler-haters reading my post. Take this as one of the teasers.

One thing that frustrates me watching the series is the airtime length. Actually, I came back to where I bought the copy and asked why I only got a 10 episode series with 5 minutes each episode. I was about to freak out when someone on the same store advise me that I should finish the series first before I complain. So that’s what I did. I went home excited and a bit embarrassed then I started watching again.

The series is too short. The series can stretch more ideas and plots that can excite its audience. I want to see more action when angels are fighting. The special effects are awesome! The angel’s wings that looks like a real wings. I just notice that some angels have black wings instead of the widely known white. The first time I saw that, I assume they were demons. Lol! I was wrong.

The other special effect that amazes me is what they called the angel fire. It is a sword with burning fire. It wasn’t a thing that needs to be carry anywhere. It will show up once the angel thinks of it and it will automatically appear on their hand. Cool ah!

The experience watching the show maybe too short but I was able to enjoy it though. If there will be a sequel to this miniseries, please make it a one season series. Too frustrated. The topic is interesting but the airtime play hinders to fully express it and prolong more exciting scenes.

Daily Confessions 19: My Top 10 Favorite TV Series Characters

In few years I got addicted to American series, I learned to have some favorite characters. This gives me the appetite (food?) or the drive to keep myself tuned-in. To share with you, below is my list.

10. Micah Sanders – portrayed by Noah Gray-Cabey on the series Heroes. His ability to talk to machines is so envious! I’m a techie person and if I’m going to have that kind of ability is such a relief to the kind of work I’m in right now.

9. Mick St. John - portrayed by Alex O'Loughlin on the series Moonlight. This hot private investigator vampire is really amazing. He was able to resolve a crime not only based from a skill of a normal investigator but his vampire ability is definitely an advantage. Hhmm, does all vampires has the looks and the outstanding capabilities?

8. Kyle Trager – portrayed by Matt Dallas on the series Kyle XY. This kid possesses too many capabilities a normal human can have. The story may be a fiction but the presentation on the series makes me believe that it will be possible on real life. He’s got brain like a computer and computes complex formulas in matter of seconds. Very brilliant kid!

7. Peter Petrelli - portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia on the series Heroes. Peter was everyone’s favorite on this series. He was able to mimic anyone's’ abilities of different characters. He can adopt fast to the capabilities. That is why he is the center character on the series. However, his powers were all gone from the last season of Heroes and make him vulnerable and powerless. So sad!

6. Chloe Sullivan – portrayed by Allison Mack on the series Smallville. Chloe is the best friend of Clark Kent since High School days. Being exposed to Clark’s secrets opens too many unfortunate events for her that makes her outstand. She is the computer geek on the series and was able to bypass every firewalls, hack too many severs even the alien technology just to help Clark. Being a very good friend to Clark put her life on danger. How I wish she still showcase her ability in the coming season of Smallville.

5. Sam Winchester - portrayed by Jared Padalecki on the series Supernatural. Naturally, Sam is a hunter. Not a hunter like dog hunters, but more on paranormal side. The two brothers (Sam and Dean) are equally great when it comes to combat. What makes Sam exceptional is his demonic side that is really a plus. He is using this power to defeat other demonic creatures on land. Pretty cool ah!

4. Chuck Bartowski - portrayed by Zachary Levi on the series Chuck. Among the other characters that I mentioned, this one is really the geek, the nerd and the lame! Haha! His role plays a significant difference on the first two season of Chuck. Well that’s why he is the center character. What surprises me is his transformation on the season finale on season 2. I can’t wait to see more of his clumsiness and brightness on the next season.

3. Claire Bennet - portrayed by Hayden Panettiere on the series Heroes. The extraordinary girl and the immortal one. Her role makes her align to the hottest teen stars like Lindsay Lohann and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. She was a boom in the series. Her ability to heal instantly is sometimes giving the comedy in the series. The very cute one was her chest was open revealing her lungs but she still alive. Hahaha! Can’t wait to see her again!

2. Michael Scofield - portrayed by Wentworth Miller on the series Prison Break. This man is giving me heart attacks while watching the series. He is very brilliant! From what I can see is he very gifted! I remember the character I play on the PSP game EXIT. He just like Mr. Escape that can flawlessly escape a certain situation given the very dangerous and complicated actions. He is the nearest closer to reality. How I wish I can have the same IQ and way of thinking as he is. Too bad that the series was totally out of the TV screens.

1. Sydney Bristow – portrayed by Jennifer Garner on the series Alias. Jennifer is so gorgeous on every mission she is. She is a double agent working as a spy for CIA. What makes her outstand is that she has the power of mind, instinct and body strength. Well those are really are the requirements to be a spy. What makes her different is her ability to portray different characters on her every missions. Her variety of looks is giving a total twist on the series. I enjoyed watching the 5 seasons and it keeps me awake until midnight watching the series. Hehehe!

So who are your top 10 favorite TV series? I'll be more than glad to hear on the comments below!

Seen in Big Screen 10: District 9

District 9 is another movie that stars aliens. Compare to Aliens vs. Predators, War of the Worlds and The Mist, this movie is a total opposite. The aliens were overcome by humans and aliens seems to be harmless. This is a new twist to the usual context that the aliens are here to conquer and invade Earth. It's a must-see!

The movie doesn't have much action, drama or comedy. I don't know what genre it will fall (you can tell me on the comments below). All I can say it has all but of equal percentage just enough to keep me tune-in.

I was not surprised with the ending. It's quite predictable. I'm also looking into the possibility of the sequel. So that the predictability will be erase and replaced by surprises.

What amaze me is the movie is like a documentary. The camera is following the center cast that is working as a *toot* (no spoilers). That doesn't hinder me to fully understanding the movie. The delivery is informative.

The funny thing I just notice is that the awareness of humans to the existence of the aliens in their planet. Posters and reminders are being posted all over the city to inform the aliens that the place are for humans ONLY. The really hilarious is that aliens can read and understand human language. Same way with humans that can understand alien language though the only sound that comes from their mouth is like a squeaking rubbers. Lol! It is fun really. I enjoy watching it even I had to read the subtitles when the aliens are speaking. Good thing the copy I got has one! Lol!

I imagine the world with the same situation like it. And I think I may never survive a day with it. But I will definitely laugh out loud if there are posters like the one on the right! Lol!

Daily Confessions 18: Alcoholic

All right… I’m an occasional drinker. I’m not yet an alcoholic.

I was in 3rd Year High School when I first tasted the sweetness and bitterness of beer. On the same session, the first time I met alcohol. And on that very night, I vomit to hell! Funny it may seem but after that very moment I puke almost all mg intestines, I was standing on the first step towards adulthood.

I was so lucky to remember all the details during that session when I was walking home… drunk! My friends say that I got a very high tolerance against alcohol. Even I was surprise when I also notice myself less drunk than the others. It was really fun when you see everyone more drunk than you do, doing hilarious and out of this world things. Good thing that were on a safe house so we get drunk and broke as much as we wanted. Then welcome the next day with an extreme hangover. And yes, I know the cycle! Been there! Lol!

Drinking session is one of the most common celebrations any Filipinos practice most, from simple gatherings up to grandiose occasions, from simple beer to expensive vodkas. It’s the Filipino’s way to have fun. Various bars and clubs are all over the country to satisfy Filipino’s thirst for alcohol. Fridays is a perfect day to drink and get broke so that no responsibilities (work) on the next day. Thank God it’s Friday!

I know I learned to drink on an illegal age. Ever wonder how that happened? Well here in Philippines, it was one of the laws that are mostly violated and law makers can’t control. Liquors are almost available on all kinds of store from a simple sari-sari store to the biggest malls. Why? Because all the vendors care is the profit, right?

I remember the first time I got broke. Lucky me that my memory still register every details though I’m heavy drunk. I know how to get home and I still definitely know what I am doing. Thank God fro giving me a very high tolerance on alcohol. Lolz!

So to share how good I am on every session I had, below are some pictures together with different circle of friends and from all walks of life:

This is also a proof that I still got good spirit though I’m a bit drunk. I can still take good photos! How about we go on a drinking session sometime? What do you say?

Litratong Pinoy 75: Karatula (Signboard)

This is one of the signboard I see everyday on my way and out of the office. This is located in the corner of Onyx and Sapphire Roads in Ortigas. You will find our office in this intersection as well. This is where I wait for a public transport to Robinson’s Galleria on my way home. It was a rainy afternoon at it so hard to get a ride. I took some pictures while I wait. I’m holding the umbrella on my left, the camera on my right and a big heavy bagpack on my back. Imagine my hardship just to get a nice picture! But I got no regrets because I got entries for this week’s theme.


Eto ang isa mga karatulang halos araw-araw kong nakikita papasok at pauwi ng opisina. Makikita ito sa kanto ng kalye Onyx at Sapphire sa Ortigas. Sa kantong ding ito nakatayo ang gaming opisina. Sa kantong din ito ako naghihintay ng FX papuntang Robinson Galleria papauwi. Isang maulang hapon iyon at sa sobrang hirap sumakay. Naisipan kong kumuha ng ilan larawan. Hawak ko ang payong sa kaliwa kong kamay, ang camera sa aking kanang kamay at isang malaki at mabigat na tampipi sa aking likuran. Isipin ninyo ang hirap ko non! Ngunit wala namang pagsisisi sapagkat nagkaroon ako ng lahok para sa linggong ito.


This is another picture I took before we cross the street on the way to Quirino Grandstand to Manila Ocean Park. When I was young, I really don’t know what does “Ped Xing” means. I thought it’s a name of a famous personality and the street was named after him. My curiosity attacks me and I noticed that there are different streets named after him! I asked my mother who the hell is “Ped Xing” and why there are so many streets named after him. That’s when I knew that “Ped Xing” is not a celebrity; it’s a short notation for “Pedestrian Crossing”. It was fun remembering those times. Lol!

These are my entries for this week on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Ito pa ang isa sa mga nakuhanan kong larawan habang patawid kame papuntang Quirino Grandstand papuntang Manila Ocean Park. Nung bata pa ako, hindi ko alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng “Ped Xing”. Akala ko ay pangalan ng isang kilalang personalidad at ipinangalan sa kanya ang kalyeng iyon. Napuna ko na sa iba’t ibang lugar pala ay may mga lansangan din na “Ped Xing” din ang karatula. Nagtaka ako non. Tinanong ko ang nanay ko kung sino ba si “Ped Xing” at bakit ang daming lasangang pinangalan sa kanya. Doon ko lang nalaman na hindi pala siya isang personalidad, shortcut pala iyon para sa “Pedestrian Crossing” o sa simpleng salita, tamang tawiran. Natatawa na lang ako pag naaalala ko iyon. Hahaha!

Ito ang aking mga lahok ngayong linggo sa
Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

Seen in Big Screen 9: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I got this DVD stuck in my closet for a month now. I never got the chance to watch it since I'm experiencing technical difficulties uploading it into my PSP. Now I finally got a chance to watch it using a DVD player. I was advise by the doctor to have a 2-3 days bed rest to get me into shape again. So sad I had to take a 1-day sick leave off the office to get myself on the track again.

Anyways, the movie stars the Alias superstar Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaughey. This is the first time I've seen the two match-up on the big screen. This is about Connor Mead(McConaughey) who always do what he do best... in bed and Jenny Perotti (Garner) who's the childhood sweetheart of the guy. Connor was visited by ghosts representing his past, present and future girlfriends reminding her of what he did to Jenny in the past. I won't go into details!

I've always been a fan of Jennifer Garner since Alias days to Daredevil to Elektra. She's really a gorgeous and strong woman. And she never failed to show it in every movie she has. She's really simple and beautiful on this movies wedding scene where she wore a very elegant wedding dress and a perfect hair fix that highlighted her face. I will never forget the (first) time I saw her walk on the aisle as a bride in the big screen. If this is not the first then I may have missed a movie of hers.

As for Matthew, I don't have any bad impressions on him. Actually, I've seen him since Sahara (with Penelope Cruz) and How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days (with Kate Hudson). He's not the ideal leading man for Jennifer but he's on the list of compatible leading men or shall I say the universal leading men. He was able to stretch his capabilities and acting skills to match with the roles he's into. Like being a photographer on this movie. Look how he holds the camera. Qualified to being a professional photographer. By the way, he really is a photographer in this movie. One more look at the camera and he's holding a Nikon D2XS Digital SLR! Wooh! how I wish to have one of that!

I'm so happy and thankful to finished all my unwatched DVD's during my very short vacation. I was able to appreciate the movie and able to wrote longer reviews. Lol!

Litratong Pinoy 74: Lansangan (Street)

Power Outage + Boredom + Walk + Camera = The above picture

Very simple but detailed, right? Lol!

This is my entry for this week on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Brown out + Boredom + Gala + Camera = Ang larawan sa itaas

Payak ngunit detalyado, dba? Hahaha!

Ito ang akinglahok ngayong linggo sa Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

Wordless Wednesday

Series Box 11: They Kiss Again

After the success of their first comedy-romance series, It Started with a Kiss, Jeannie and Michael comes back for another round of laughs and intimate scenes together with the newly weds.

In our local TV channel, the series finished airing months ago and sadly, I am working so I never got the chance to watch it in the afternoon time slot everyday. Few weeks have past and I was so lucky to acquire a copy of the whole series in a DVD. Wooh! I was so happy watching it during my lunch break at the office and even on the way home using my PSP. Watching TV series and movies are my stress reliever after a long day in the office so you can’t blame me for too much into it, besides, it not bad for the health. Lol!

Anyways, going back to the series. The attack in the audience of the series is quite different now. The casts' roles stepped-up the next level of maturity but still the character is still there. More kissing and more intimate scenes. Not to the point where it will be banned for children below legal age. The intimacy which is rarely shown in the series make it more exciting and so envious. Right, I'm not made of stone! Lol! One thing I've noticed compare from the prequel to this sequel is the kiss. Well, maybe I was under the impression that the title tells it all. What I saw was a lot more than I expected. Every kiss has passion and love.

Litratong Pinoy 73: Lakad (Walk)

More pictures here.

This is the most memorable summer I had. Two reasons why are first: this is my first outing with my college classmates; second: it also serves a celebration since I finished schooling.

The pictures above were taken in Pakil, Laguna as we walk to reach the top of the Mt. Pingas. Funny thing about this is that we climb the mountain without any mountaineering tools, just breakfast!

Walking consumes almost all of my energy before I reach the top. Two of my friends decided to stay with me halfway out journey to the top. We were really broke that day! We just enjoy the relaxing ambiance and breathtaking views thousand of feet above the ground while waiting for the other to climb down.

I may never reach the top but my camera did! =]

These are my entry for this week on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Ito ang pinaka di ko makakalimutang bakasyon. Dalawang dahilan ay una: ito ang unang lakad ko kasama ang mga kaklase ko sa kolehiyo; pangalawa: ito na rin ang aming naging selebrayon dahil nakatapos na kami ng aming pag-aaral.

Ang mga larawan sa itaas ay kuha sa sa Pakil, Laguna habang naglalakad kame paakyat ng Mt. Pingas. Nakakatuwang isipin na wala kameng dalang kahit na anong gamit sa pag-akyat kundi almusal lang.

Sa paglalakad pa lamang ay halos maubos na ang lahat ng lakas ko bago ko pa maabot ang tuktok. Dalawa sa mga kaibigan ko ang nagdesisyong samahan ako magpahinga. Halos nangangalahati na rin kame pero di na talaga namin kaya. In-enjoy na lang namen ang napakagandang lugar at tanawin ilang metro mula sa ibaba habang hihintay ang iba na makababa.

Hindi man ako nakaakyat sa taas pero ang camera ko... nakaakyat! =]

Ito ang aking mga lahok ngayong linggo sa
Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

Wordless Wednesday