Litratong Pinoy 68: Proteksyon (Protection)

The image above shows some anti-stress tablets. At first glance, you may think that this is a condom… but it’s not! I’m wholesome, so as my blog, lol!

Because of too much busyness on my work, stress can’t be avoided that can make the body vulnerable to any kinds of illness. It’s really a no-no not to have a protection against sickness that will disturb my work. My monthly salary will be affected for every day I won’t report to the office. Therefore, for all seasons, being sick is prohibited!

One more proof of me being a busy professional is my simple entries. I really should go on a vacation, lol!

This is my entry for this week on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Ang larawan sa itaas ay nagpapakita ng ilang anti-stress na tabletas. Sa unang tingin, aakalaing mong ito ay condom... pero hinde! Wholesome ako tulad ng aking blog. Hahaha!

Sa sobrang abala ko sa trabaho, hindi maiiwasan ang sobra-sobrang stress na nakakapagpahina ng resistensiya ng katawan – dahilan upang mas madaling tamaan ng sakit. Hindi maaaring wala akong proteksyon laban sa mga sakit na maaaring makaantala sa aking paghahanapbuhay. Mababawasan pa ang aking kikitain sa bawat araw na liliban ako sa pagpasok sa opisina. Kaya sa lahat ng panahon, bawal magkasakit!

Isa na rin sigurong patunay ang pagiging abala ko sa trabaho ang mga payak kong lahok. Kailangan ko na rin siguro ng bakasyon. Hahaha!

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Photoshop Works 21: Comic

Since I was a kid, I really love reading comic books. The story of the comics are mostly funny and shows right conduct. I missed those times. So to revive the memories I had when I was young, I created an entry to my photoshop works a comic effect on my picture. In the image below is my two fellow office mates having fun with a weird eye wear. =]

Click the images to enlarge.

The image on the left is the untouched image while the image on the right is my work.

Daily Confessions 16: Whats Keeping Me Busy Every night?

It's been a while since I discovered Facebook. Compare to the other networking sites I have, this one is different. It has thousands of cool and interesting applications such as online games and quizzes - more of a personality tests. I'm not a online gamer. I really don't like playing games on computer either stand-alone or online games. Obviously, the quizzes make my stay on the site longer. Though I never believe the output. lol!

At first I got irritated of my friends' request (or invitation) to try different applications. I never responded to any since I'm not really interested. What really matters is how will I promote my blog using
Facebook and I was a bit interested on that aspect.

Months have passed and I've been hearing some of my friends and office mates talking about some interesting games on
Facebook. Mafia wars, Poker and everything I'm not familiar of. Am I being left behind?

Then one night, I got all the time I need to explore my account in
Facebook. From my homepage, I saw a lot of posts of my friends regarding their progress on this game, how much do they won on that and some links to promote their blog, lol! Then I saw Farmtown. I not planning to play the game but that night, I'm thinking of trying the game for myself. So I played the game. As a technical person, I need to pay attention to the details of the game. I need to wear the shoes of the user, not the programmer's. As my observation goes, I concluded that the game was user-friendly, easy to understand and most of all, fun!

As the name implies, its a simulation of a farm. A farmer (or the player) will have his/her own farm he/she will use and grow to earn coins. Customization to the appearance of the farm from single detail to the general one is really exciting. There is also a pretty good feature to send some gifts to your fellow farmers. These are some animals, flowers and trees. Some of these are locked and as you progress, you may be able to unlocked this, place it in your farm or send it to your friends. Another cool feature of these game is its interactive. You can talk to the other farmers who are online. You can also work to their farm - or vice versa - to earn some coins and experience. That way you can improve your farm.

Its a pretty cool app. It keeps me occupied everynight after working hours. The crops that I planted will bear some flowers and fruits that are to harvest. If you missed harvesting the fruits, the crops will gone to waste and may need to replant the seeds. You lost money in that manner.

Its been a while since I played the game an I reached almost the mid-level of my character. I never thought that I would sacrifice blog hopping and posting by playing
Farmtown. But I never regret allotting time on this, cause it makes me happy. So to share my success and so much happiness in my game, the image below is taken from my farm together with my sheep.

The sheep is a gift, by the way, so as the trees around us. So if you are on the same addiction as mine, you can add me as your friend in Facebook, let's exchange gifts and work on each others farm.

Litratong Pinoy 67: Nakakakilabot (Terrifying)

The image above was taken at my friend’s place when we saw each other and have some fun. I was helping a friend while she’s vomiting when this little creature show up in the scene. Since I was a little bit drunk and tipsy, the little creature doesn’t escape my naughty mind. Lol!

When I was a kid, I really fear cockroaches. When I saw a flying cockroach, the whole family will freak-out because of the disturbance I created. Most especially when a cockroach lay its feet on me! Ew! It was really a terrifying experience! Even now that I’ve grown up, nothing’s change, I’m always terrified when I saw even just one piece of cockroach.

This image is my second entry on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Ang larawan sa itaas ay kuha sa bahay ng aking katropa nang minsan kami’y nakitakita at nagkasiyahan. Kasalukuyan kong inaalalayan ang isang kaibigan habang siya ay nagtatawag ng uwak (sumusuka) sa palikuran nang magpakita ang munting nilalang na ito. Dahil na rin sa nakainom at medyo tipsy na, hindi ito nakatakas sa kakulitan ko. Hahaha!

Bata pa lang ako ay likas na akong matatakutin sa ipis. Kapag nakakakita ako ng lumilipad na ipis ay tiyak na mabubulabog ang buong kabahayan dahil sa ingay na gawa ko. Lalo na kapag dinapuan ako! Ew! Nakakakilabot naman talaga! Hanggang ngayong matanda na ako, wala pa ring nagbago, kinikilabutan pa rin ako pag nakakakita ako ng ipis.

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Seen in Big Screen 7: 17 Again

17 Again is a romantic-comedy movie. The story is somehow resembles the movie 13 Going on 30 that stars Jennifer Garner. The difference is that in 17 Again the main cast become younger (17 to be exact) while 13 Going on 30 is the exact opposite - the main cast become older (30 years old to be exact).

Zac Efron
is back for another high school movie. This time he's not that young. He was turned young by his "guide" to a hot high school varsity again to fix some things that occurs from his past - his family. His marriage is at stake for his wife filed a divorce against him and he missed the growth of his children.

Zac never failed to perform any teenage roles specially the varsity type. I'm starting to think that he really born to do it. But what if he grow up to be a man, he may never perform the same roles flawlessly as he did. I just hope that he will start being verstile, flexible and explore the other roles that he can be capable of. And by the way, he is really good at basketball! I was under the impression that in his former teen movie,
High School Musical, he undergone some rehearsals practicing the basketball scenes. I just realized in this movie that the skill was really into him and not by chance, rehearsed for the movies' sake.

It's hard when you regret doing from the past that made a very big difference in the future. How I wish many time that if I have a chance, I will put things right. As they say,
"You're stupid when you're young", and that explains my I made some stupid decisions before. I never regret taking the risks, I've learned so much from it. I may have the frustrations as the main cast but the difference is that he had a chance to fix things. If I can get the same opportunity as he did, I will never take it. I don't wanna regret changing things as they were even if its for the better. I'm happy that I got dragged to the place and situation I am right now. Everything's happen for a reason and change is good... embrace it!

Series Box 9: Supernatural

Supernatural is a horror-suspense series in prime time. It's a story of two brothers who's professions are working with (obviously) supernatural elements or in simplest word - hunters. Not in a sense of animal hunters but on the paranormal side. Its runs through their family starting from their parents who starts the legacy they're into. Now, the brothers are walking the same road as they parents did to avenge their parents' death.

Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester (the older) and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester (the younger). Jared has a habit on being in horror movies. He's one of the main cast in another horror movie Friday the 13th. He's really good in this! Feels like I'm watching a movie adaptation of the TV series. I've never heard or read Jensen being in a horror movies before. I just remembered that he was a guest star in the 2nd season of Smallville as Clark's rival to Lana's heart and attention.

What catches my attention on the series is Dean's 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Based on the series, it's from his father who uses the same car when hunting during his younger days. What I found interesting on the car is it's classic. Very rare! Another interesting is the compartment beneath the trunk that hides all their hunting tools - from rock salt, holy water to knives to heavy duty guns. Very scary, huh!? What I found weird and strange about the car is it never broke nor destroyed! Hahaha! I just noticed it. Maybe in the coming season an episode or two will star the classic car.

Trust is what I'm seeing the best virtue the brother's exercise. Too many incidents that this trust was tested but they really have a tight attachment to each other. Maybe that's the last thing you can do if you can't trust other aside from your brother.

Demonic possession is the most cases the brother's are encountering. Based on the Philippine beliefs, only those who has no faith in God above will most likely be posses by demons. So I learned that having a good faith in God will free me from any harmful supernatural forces.

Litratong Pinoy 66: Tuyo (Dry)

The image above was taken from a clothes line in our backyard. I just finished collecting our dried clothes by that time - thinking of taking some pictures of our little backyard. Then the clothespin hanging on our clothes line caught my attention. These little things are great help in getting our wet clothes dry. The clothes were not in the picture anymore. I’ve just collected those because those are already dried.

This picture is one of my many favorites and holds sentimental value. This is the very first pictures taken using my camera. I’m glad because I realize that being photographer is quite difficult. You need to take an image showing not only the physical attributes of a certain thing or person but also the emotions or feelings portray by that thing or that person. For a beginner, I was happy that in my opinion, I did that and it shows in this picture. That’s why I’m sharing the world my very first shot because for me, this is something to be proud of.

This image is my very first entry on
Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Ang larawan sa taas ay kuha sa aming sampayan sa likodbahay. Katatapos ko lang hanguin ang mga natuyong sinampay namen non. Naisipan kong kumuha ng mga larawan ng aming munting bakuran. Hanggang sa napansin ko nga ang mga nakabiting sipit sa aming sampayan. Malaking tulong din ang mga mumunting bagay na ito sa pagpapatuyo ng ating basang kasuotan. Wala na ung mga damit kasi nahango ko na. Tuyo na kasi sila.

Ang larawang ito ay isa sa marami kong paborito at nagtataglay ng sentimental value. Ito ang kauna-unahan larawang kuha sa aking camera. Natuwa ako kasi hindi ko akalain na mahirap rin pala ang maging photographer. Kailangan mong palabasin sa larawan hindi lamang ang pisikal na katangian ng isang bagay o tao kundi pati ang emosyon o damdaming nakapaloob sa bagay o tao na iyon. Para sa isang baguhan, masaya ako dahil sa tingin ko nagawa ko un at makikita sa larawang ito. Kaya ibinabahagi ko sa lahat ang aking unang kuha dahil para sa akin, maipagmamalaki ko ito.

Ito ang aking unang lahok sa
Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

Seen in Big Screen 6: Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees is back to for more heart-pounding screams and off the seat suspense. Yes, I experienced those, lol! The movie has a good opening. I just realize now why Friday the 13th is always associated with Jason. The day Jason starts killing was Friday the 13th and it's his birthday. Too bad that the month was not mentioned. Very nice trivia, huh!

Suspense/Thriller and Horror are my favorite movie genre. I don't know why my mentality is like that. My heart pounds while watching - maybe that's the reason why it keeps me tuned in. By the way, when a movie makes me sleep or even yawn, I definitely didn't like the movie at all. On the other side, if it keeps me awak
e and tuned in, then I'll wait for the ending if I'll going to give it a good or bad impression, lol!

My mother looks at me differently for admiring and watching these kinds of movies. She said,
"You really love watching horror movies. No wonder why you talked in your sleep after watching Final Destination.". I didn't saw it coming, hahaha!

I wasn't able to watched the original Friday the 13th. Some says that the this latest one is a remake. So to figure out how Jason became a killer machine, I watched the movie. The only movie I've seen starring him was
Jason X (where the setting is in a futuristic satellite) and the ultimate Freddy vs. Jason (which is an ultimate showdown). Those are both worth watching.

This movie remake stars Jared Padalecki who is also a lead star in the suspense TV series Supernatural. He's got a spot for horror movies now, huh? The role he played in Supernatural (slaying supernatural creatures) has became his passport in getting the lead role in this movie. One thing I noticed from him is that he wore the same outfit in this movie and in the Supernatural series, lol!

Jason never failed me with the shocking scenes and surprising loud sounds. Some scenes put too much actions. What I noticed that improved from the last movies he had was the killing ways he had. He still got his favorite machete but he's now thinking. Without his machete, he look for what is available around him. Another thing I've noticed is that the way the cast killed is more realistic compared to the previous movies. Well, technology reaches almost everything. What can I say!? =]

Photoshop Works 20: After Hell Week

My week has never been this hell... Haaayyy! Sitting in front of the computer for than 12 hours gives me headache and back ache. Just so that sitting is worth, I created some photoshop works for this week.

The left column represents the untouched pictures while right column shows the processed images.
Click on the image to enlarge.

Series Box 8: Alias

Alias is an action-drama series. It's a story of a spy who has a complicated life. The center role was played by Jennifer Garner as the very brilliant, brave, fragile and beautiful Sydney Bristow.

The actions in every episodes makes me crave for more and expect a more intense actions in the coming episode especially when approaching the season finale. The drama in every episode makes me sympathize on Sydney.

Now this series is my personal favorite. It's been years since I last saw it on TV screen. Watching it to the late night slot on prime time makes me missed some episodes and later forgot to tuned in. I promised to myself that if I will have a chance, I will watched and finished the series and here I am, enjoying every episodes, lolz!

Alias has never been as good as any action series around the corner. As a spy, there's always an impression of very good gadgets and of course, a very deceiving cover, lolz! What's good with Jennifer is her face is a blank canvas. Any make over from make up to hairstyle to clothing is really unique. She's able to picture different faces. This is the part I'm enjoying when I watch every episodes. Waiting for her new cover is really funny and very fabulous! Every face is different and deceiving.

Sydney was able to taught me many virtues in life. I learned to be brave and stand up for what I believe what is right without thinking of what other will say about me. I also learned to forgive and learned to admit that I commit mistakes. Lastly, I also learned the value of family and what they can do when someone on the member is danger.

Daily Confessions 15: On Being a Parent

Being a mother has a very big responsibility yet a rewarding profession. Double the effort if you have two. Thrice if you have three.

I may not be (or will not be) a mother but I see how my mother do a great job from nurturing her infants and raise them from childhood to adulthood - that includes me.

One round of applause for our moms and to you if you're a mother!

Last Saturday, I visited my best friend who already gave birth a very cute and healthy baby boy. Below are some pictures on the event:

More pictures here.

I'm happy that she's all grown up! She learned her responsibility and manage some sacrifices. She wake up in the middle of the night just to attend her baby crying. She also prepare the baby' milk - she doesn't breastfeed. She changed his diapers. Anything that a mother MUST do for her baby, she's is doing. She's loving it and I've never heard any complains whatsoever. One smile from his baby is very fulfilling.

I lifted Baby Vinry and placed him on my chest just so he can sleep. I treated him as my own though I never see myself having one in the future, lolz! He's very fragile and requires extreme caution. Like a very delicate flower!

As I look at him, I imagined how my mother (or my father) took care of me the same age as I was with the baby on my lap now, sleeping. Did she walked me outside to have some warm sun shine on my cheek? Did she talked to me a lot even though I'm asleep? Did she get irritated at me when I disturbed her soundless sleep at night when I needed to drink? Things like that... Simple things just like that.

Anyways, I never doubted how my mother looked after me when I was a baby. If I were to evaluate how am I doing as a child up to my age now, I can say that she was great! I may never know her motherly ways but I'm still up to it until now. I'm not just aware of it I guess. =]

Seen in Big Screen 5: Knowing

Knowing is another-end-of-the-world movie. Compare to the other movies with the same concept like The Day After Tomorrow and The Day the Earth Stood Still, this one is very different. The drama was a bit exciting with a taste of suspense. There's always the mystery part in every film that Nicolas Cage is carrying with him.

The story revolves around the College instructor who decrypt a series of numbers on a piece of paper. The paper was buried underground for 50 years. The codes he decrypted is telling the date, coordinates where it will happen and the number of casualty killed to that disaster. These disasters were happened in the last 50 years. What's more interesting is the codes are telling a disaster that isn't happening yet. That's the plot of the movie.

I may not be as smart and bright as you think, but I really love mystery movies and series even though I'm having a hard time absorbing it. It really helps my comprehension, memory and reasoning improves. In that way, when I resolve the mystery all by myself even without revealing it in the movie, I feel so smart and brilliant! After that, I give the movie a good review. A good example in the movie is the series of code John Koestler (Cage) acquired from his child. Though the intention is not really to get the audience think on how to decrypt the codes, it was revealed earlier in the movie. I really got impress the way John resolved it. People like him is very rare. I really like the way it was presented in the movie. If it wasn't Nicolas Cage who portrayed the role, the movie won't passed my standards, lolz!

Series Box 7: Kyle XY

Kyle XY is a story of a boy named Kyle. He is a product of an genetic experiment of some hidden institution. Their main purpose is to create/born a human that has an extraordinary mind and that is Kyle. He was able to escape from the lab where he was being observe when it was destroyed. He found himself in the middle of the woods without memory, without anything! That's the time he met the family who took care of him and treat him like theirs. And from there, the story goes on...

Family values and parenting is the main lessons I learned from watching this series. I really relate to the cast since the topics and the settings is almost at my age: teenage problems, adulthood, decision making, lovelife, friendship, honesty and everything I can imagine. It's so funny that the parents took care of their teenagers very lightly but very strict when they committ a mistake. Well, I undergone the same treatment when I was still underage, lol! The difference is that my parents will never ground me for weeks without my phone which is obviously not in Kyle and his siblings case.

Another strange in the series is that Kyle sleeps in the tub. Yup, you read it right! First few episodes of season one where he can't or won't sleep for weeks and he still energize like a full charged battery. He is really really odd and weird! Of course, in real life, individuals like him never really exists. I did not expect that I can found and meet someone as extraordinary as him.

I recommend watching this series to all even though it stops airing from it's 3rd season and there's rumor that it will never be back again. =[