Litratong Pinoy 72: Hapunan (Dinner)

This is my delicious dinner, Beef with Brocolli. This is one my favorites because every restaurant I went to, they have this cuisine. Either Filipino, Asian or Western restaurants, they have it. Why do I like this? It’s pretty simple. This viand is balanced. It has beef and nutritious vegetables. Perfect to a person with a big appetite and to those who are on diet. Even serve everyday that is totally fine with me. The catch, the ingredients are very expensive like the beef and the broccoli.


Ito ang masarap na hapunan ko, Beef with Broccoli. Isa ito sa mga nagging paborito ko dahil halos lahat ng restaurant na puntahan ko ay meron nito. Mapapinoy man, Asian o Western restaurants, meron. Paano ko to nagutuhan? Simple lang. Balanse kasi ang ulam na ito. Merong karne ng baka at masasarap na gulay. Swak sa mga gutom na gutom at sa mga nagdidiet. Kahit araw-arawin, ayos lang. Yun nga lang, masyadong mahal ang mga rekados na karne ng baka at broccoli.


Beef with Broccoli is perfect to match with Shrimp Rellanado (left) and Fried Chicken (right). F r those who are asking what Shrimp Rellanado is, this is shrimp covered with ground pork and vegetables. Of all the side dishes we had before, this is the most delicious. This is quite expensive just like Beef with Brocolli that’s why we only had limited number to serve.

These are my entry for this week on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Masarap samahan ng Hipon Rellanado at Fried Chicken ang Beef Brocolli. Para sa mga nagtatanong kung ano ang Hipon Rellanado, ito ay hipon na binalutan ng giniling na baboy at gulay. Sa lahat ng side dish na handa namen non, ito ang pinakamasarap. Medyo mahal din ito tulad na ng Beef with Brocolli kaya iilang piraso lang ang nabili namen.

Ito ang aking mga lahok ngayong linggo sa
Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

Seen in Big Screen 8: Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Two thumbs up plus standing ovation!

Kiddie movies were never been this good and hilarious! For the third time, I almost fell out my seat laughing out loud watching the movie.

The whole cast is back for another icy and funny adventure together with the not-so-extinct dinosaurs. The folks have to save
Sid who was abducted by a giant dinosaurs for keeping its eggs and raising them as their own. Following the trails of the dinosaurs, the rest of the gang was led to an underground tunnel leading to the hidden world of the dinosaurs. And that's where the story started.

Ice Age series are one of the best kiddie and funny movies I've been waiting on the big screen and DVDs. It was always the funny punchlines and mushy scenes that completes the entertainment in watching the movie. Even my father was hooked to the series and is repeating the movies for quite sometime now. It was a stress reliever and make me feel younger one year younger for every laugh I made. Hehehehe!

What really makes me hooked and addicted to this movie was the trailer I saw on TV ads.
Scratte who is the main attraction on every trailer is really funny. I never heard any dialogue from him on the three movies, but still he can make me laugh out loud using his facial expressions and body language. In this movie he found a love team that can be match to him. At first it was just a simple battle to the one and only acorn but the love will be develop along the way. In the end of the movie, there's a catch between the two and the acorn. I won't go further into details and I suggest to watch the movie.

As I watch the movie, I feel like I've been traveling years back to when I was a kid who enjoys Tom and Jerry. It's just a two hour of my life where I smile feeling like I'm in a different world, world of mine. But still I need to go back to the real world, holding that two-hour-memory of youth.

Litratong Pinoy 71: Meryenda (Snack Break)

The image above was taken on the birthday of my grandmother. Of all the meals, Lumpiang Shanghai was the only leftover.

Lumpia again! It’s pretty obvious what my favorite foods are! Lol!

Going back, someone forgot to serve this meal that’s why it was untouched. It was sooner when we realize when all of us were full. Lol! Because this is the only leftover, we enjoy the food as our snack later that afternoon.


Ang larawan sa itaas ay kuha noong kaarawan ng aking lola. Sa lahat ng handa, tanging ang Lumpiang Shanghai ang natira.

Lumpia na naman! Napaghahalataan ang mga paborito ko! Hahaha!

Nakalimutan kasing ihain ang putaheng ito noong tanghalian kaya halos walang bawas. Nalaman na lang namen na may lumpia pala noong busog na kameng lahat. Hahaha! Dahil nga sa ito na lamang ang natira, ito ang pinagsaluhan namen bilang meryenda kinahapunan.


Another favorite snack of mine were the donuts I took home for my siblings and cousins. This is the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Even though every piece is expensive, I never regret buying it because it’s really delicious. Notice on the picture that there are two missing doughnuts. My sister is very excited and can't resist it. She's at her second before I took the picture! Lol! Everyone is very happy of the doughnuts and that’s why I took home dozens of doughnuts again.

These are my entry for this week on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Isa pa sa naging paborito kong meryenda ay ang donuts na binili ko bilang pasalubong para sa mga kapatid at mga pinsan ko. Ito ay ang Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Bagamat mahal ang isang piraso ay di ako nanghinayang dahil masarap naman talaga. Pansinin ang larawan at mapapansin na kulang na ito ng dalawa. Sobrang excited ang kapatid ko at di niya mapigilan. Nakakadalawa na sia bago ko pa man makuhanan ng larawan. Hahaha! Tuwang-tuwa ang mga kapatid at mga pinsan ko sa dala kong pasalubong kaya naman naguwi ulit ako ng ilang dosena ng donut.

Ito ang aking mga lahok ngayong linggo sa
Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

Daily Confessions 17: Evolution of Phones

Cellphone nowadays is considered to be one of the needs of an individual. Yes, needs! It cant be considered as optional. Everyone MUST have it. It's like a sin without it, lol! Nah! that's exaggerated! What I'm trying to point out is that it reaches every corner of the world except underground and underwater of course. But sooner or later great minds will find a way about it.

Few years back, mobile phones or shall I say cellular phones is at it's simplest from physical to functional. The rapid evolution of phone started when text message was introduced. This technology was adopted from pagers which is capable only of receiving text messages. Sending text messages is quite a disadvantage of the pagers. After that, telecommunication companies invented a mobile phone capable of sending and receiving text messages as well as making calls. It's one of the milestone on phone history.

Nowadays, technology almost reach everything. Mobile phones are not only capable of calls, text messages. Taking pictures, surfing the net, listening to music, playing games, watching TV and many more than you can imagine. What the heck!

As for me, I also gone out to quite an evolution of phones I used. Some factors that made me switch to another are of course the rapid technology improvement, needs, recession and of course leisure. lol!

2002 - Ericsson A1018s

I started out with Ericsson A1018s. Actually, 4 of the family members share the phone, meaning it's always at home! Since a new type of phone is being launch to the market it a must that we should also have at least one for communication purposes. We can't really afford to have one for each member so we decided to share. Would you believe it? This was very expensive, lol!

Well I never really enjoy it since my friends don't have a mobile phone so I don't have the time for texting. I just enjoy watching the backlight and practice texting so that when the time I have my own and I got friends to text, I'm prepared Lol!

2003 - Nokia 7110

Then I have my own phone, Nokia 7110. I never really asked for a more latest and expensive as long as I can text. Also, I have friend who has cellphone as well and now we can enjoy the pleasure of texting! Those were the times that the cellphones were really a hit in public so manufacturers and vendors decided to release a more affordable phones and that's why I have my first!

This phone is really big and bulky. I wished I had even the cheapest Nokia 5110 instead of this one. My classmates told me that this phone looks like an ice crusher here in the Philippines when the cover in the keypad was expanded. Lol! This ice crusher is mostly used when making halo-halo during summer.

To add to the sentimental value of this phone and for the record, this is also the first phone I lost. It slipped through my pocket when I'm riding a tricycle on the way to school. It was too soon when I found out that I left it on the ride. Lol! I never get depressed when that happened. Well I was sad a bit. I didn't want the phone but I'm not yet ready to lose it. Lol!

2004 - Nokia 3310

As a punishment for losing the cellphone, I didn't have any for a year and I got over it. I was a graduating student and I should have one not just because I got good grade but also when I enter college where I will be far away. Then my mother gave me her Nokia 3310. I was happy because it is still in a very good condition and got good ringtones! Lol!

That time a new milestone on the phone history was established - the release of the first colored and camera phone. If I can remember it was Nokia 7650 but I got contended with this one for the mean time. Sooner or later I can get it replaced with a more high tech one.

2005 - Sony Ericsson T230

I got savings and I want to invest it on my phone. I want to experienced a colored screen and see how it feels like. Since I don't have a very big budget, I got Sony Ericsson T230 which has a reasonable price for a colored phone. Again, I was happy.

It was very small and cute for a colored phone. Not to make the same mistake again, I attached to much accessories on the phone so that it wont slip on my pocket again.

This is also capable of taking pictures, by attaching a separate camera. By that time, VGA cameras was at its peak and may considered as high-tech and expensive. In short, I did not bought the camera.

2006 - Nokia 6230

Now as I get richer and desperate, I push my savings and bought an ultimate phone. Now this is what I can consider as (so far) the best I had. Nokia 6230 is very compact, even more compact and smaller than my previous one. It's a multi-purpose cellphone. I can upload and listen mp3s, take camera shots, record videos and transfer files through bluetooth technology. For the record, this is my very first camera phone.

This cellphone also holds too many memories I had in college. Now that I got a camera phone, together with my friends, we can take shots anytime and anywhere.

My friends told me that I should stop replacing my phone every year. Every year, it's getting more and more expensive. I don't know what to say! It makes me happy and contented. Having Nokis 6230 make me feel contented and happy. I thought that I can settle for it for many years but I was wrong.

2007 - Nokia N70

I suddenly felt the need to replace it. I did not contented with the very blurry image of VGA camera, themes is very limited and the small screen makes my eyes cross, lol! So to resolve all my problems and complains on my old phone, I got Nokia N70. Yes! big screen, large memory capacity, various applications and a very nice camera shot! I can't ask for more!

I got one complain on this phone, it's big! Well, given the fact that it performs too many functionality, I gave it a pass.

What I really love on this phone is that it is a music edition. Music edition phones are more focus on the musical functionality. It has a large memory capacity to accommodate numerous songs and a special application to navigate the songs and playlist.

I was really amaze by this phone. So I decided to stop admiring new phones and instead focus on my work. By the way, I graduated after I bought the phone. Also my mother was quite irritated of me changing a phone every year. I didn't have any news on the latest feature of the phone those days. The only thing that catches my attention is the new technology applied on mobile phones which is the touch screen technology.

2009-Present - Samsung F480

For two years that I got the same phone is quite an improvement to stop the addiction of a phone addict. Well, here we go again. I never thought that I would squeeze my few months savings just for this one. It's new year and a new phone is a yes!

To experience the pleasure of new technology, I bought Samsung F480. Its quite expensive. I just told myself that it will serves as my gift to myself. Nah! Too many excuses!

Aside from a very good responses of the touch screen, it got a a 5MG camera, cute widgets as shortcuts and its not a qwerty keypad. I love it!

At first I never found this one interesting since some of the widgets are not working and it got an ugly themes. I came to the point that I regret buying it. But my officemate (who has the same phone) gave me a very useful site on how to fix my complains. Since I'm a techie person, I didn't found the instructions difficult. I know that performing the instructions will make my phone useful for the rest of it's life. It was brand new and I know that the failure to do this is outside the warranty.

I carefully read the instructions and analyze the risk I'm into. I gave it a week to think then I do it. For the first time, I took a very big risk. I still performed it instead of forever regretting that I did not do it. And I am not, I still got the phone working 100% up to now.

I hope that I overcome the addiction to cellphones for the coming years and keep the above list as a minimal for now. Please pray for me. Lol! For the mean time, I will enjoy my phone since I put too much money and risk for it.

Sorry for a lengthy email. Hope you enjoy reading! You can also share you cellphone story or it's evolution just like mine. Lol!

Litratong Pinoy 70: Tanghalian (Lunch)

The image above is my special picture and lunch. This is Lumpiang Sariwa. It’s special not just because this is one of my good shots but also because I was eating with my family in one of the famous restaurants. It’s very rare that we get together and go out that’s why everything is special and memorable.

I love eating vegetables. I was a very good kid when I was young everytime my mother serve vegetables. Freedom on playing outdoors every afternoon is my prize for eating vegetables. Lol!

This is my entry for this week on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Ang larawan sa itaas ay ang aking espesyal na larawan at tanghalian. Ito ang Lumpiang Sariwa. Espesyal ito hindi lamang dahil sa isa ito sa mga magaganda kong kuha kundi dahil kasalo ko ang aking pamilya sa isang sikat na restaurant. Napakadalang mangyari na kami'y lumabas magkakasama kaya't lahat ng bagay ay nagsisilbing espesyal at di malilimutan.

Mahilig ako sa gulay. Naging masunurin ako nung bata sa tuwing magpapakain ang aking ina ng gulay. Isang malayang paglalaro sa kalsada tuwing hapon ang aking gantimpala sa pagkain ng gulay. Hahaha!

Ito ang aking lahok ngayong linggo sa
Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

Wordless Wednesday

Series Box 10: It Started with a Kiss

It started with a kiss is a romantic-comedy series from Taiwan. It was adopt by ABS-CBN and dubbed it to Filipino language. It was aired every after noon of I can't remember what year.

It's a story of a very desperate girl, Jeannie. He really like Michael who is a very brilliant student in their school and happens to be their family friend. It was sooner when she discover when their house was destroyed by an earthquake. She and her father is homeless and in need of help. That's the time when their long-time family friend catch the news and came looking for them. That's the time when their long time family friend offer them to live with them. And that's when it all started.

I admit I really love the series but I need to point some parts or ideas where I feel uncomfortable and nonparallel with my beliefs. The series is somehow off to the Filipino culture. Here in Philippines, parents with underage siblings are (should) not tolerating marriage at the early age which is very much opposite in the series. I'm not really sure if this family values were really in practice and if that's the case, I've nothing against those. As long as both parents and their sibling are responsible for their every action and be prepared for the consequences.

Enough for the criticism part, I want to share my most favorite scene in the movie. It was the ending part - the wedding. After all the hardship Jeannie undergone just to make sure that she will be with Michael forever, finally it came to an end. Based from the story, it was Jeannie's idea to make their wedding different, very different! So from the curiosity and bubbly of her character, she came to a decision to switch the wedding outfit of the groom and bride as well as the rest of the whole entourage (except for the priest of course)! It was fun because the wedding was held in a public place specifically in a riverside where the bride (the groom) instead of walking in a aisle, will be transported by a boat to the riverside and there waiting her groom (the bride). The total switch was funny!

I really love watching the series whether be in Taiwanese language (with English subs) or in Filipino language. In fact, I'm currently watching it's sequel,
They Kiss Again which is showcasing their life as husband and wife while still living under their parents roof! Lol!

Litratong Pinoy 69: Almusal (Breakfast)

This is my favorite combination in the morning: a bowl of spaghetti (that I bought from our neighbor), some
pandesal and a glass of iced tea. Its been a while since I tasted the complete meal and the last was after I took this picture. Since I started working, I always take my breakfast in our office canteen. They don't have spaghetti in there. So I make it a point to at least buy a packed spaghetti from our neighbor before I go to office. In that way, I can still have my favorite breakfast to start the day.

This is my entry for this week on
Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Ito ang paborito kong kombinasyon sa umaga: isang mangkok ng spaghetti (na binili ko sa kapitbahay namen), ilang piraso ng pandesal at isang basong iced tea. Napakadalang ko ng matikman ang buong kombinsyon at ang huli nga ay pagtapos kong kuhaan ito ng litrato. Mula ng magtrabaho ako, halos araw-araw sa kantina ng opisina na ako nagaalmusal. Wala silang spaghetti don. Kaya naisipan ko na lang na kahit spaghetti na lang ay makapagbaon at maabili ako bago ako pumasok sa opisina. Sa ganung paraan, matitikman ko pa rin ang paborito kong almusal sa umaga.

Ito ang aking lahok ngayong linggo sa
Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

Daily Confessions 17: First Strike!

The night was fun! Everyone is so competitive and full of energy. Its the opening of the new quarter on our project and this opening is always started by a sports fest - and this quarter's game is bowling!

More pictures here.

I'm not into sports. On of the many reason why I got a big body and belly! The first time i heard that this quarters' game will be bowling, I'm quite hesitant to join. I never played bowling ever in my 21 years! Lol! Since I got a very persuading and influential friends, they convinced me to register. The game is open for all types of players - even those who doesn't know the rules like me! So the main rule is just to have fun, pure fun!

When I was a kid, I did not see the point why bowling was categorized into sports. Rolling balls and hitting all pins down is just pretty simple and easy. I just realized that night that it was really hard! The ball is too heavy and the floor is too slippery. That is why they insisted on wearing special shoes during the game. Focus is really the key.

My first throw was a failed one. My second teach me how to aim. My third and the succeeding throws are totally fine. It wasn't so bad and hard to learn at all. Most of the times, I can hit all the pins down on the second throw. Though there were times that I never hit any. I was really surprised when I got my very first strike! It was fun and fulfilling that on my first time on playing this game, I got a strike! lol!

Together with my very good friend mye of Blog Appetite, we kicked some ass and eat dusts as well! Lol! She's one of the very great persuaders in my circle of friends and makes me join the game. We had endless laughs and overflowing jokes everytime our ball went on the side and hit nothing!

We may never won the game but we totally have fun. Well the experience is so memorable and really worth posting and sharing. I may never know when will I play bowling again. But I will grab the opportunity if there is.

Photoshop Works 22: Outlining

My latest photoshop work. The image on the left is the original image while the image on the right is my work.

Click on the images to enlarge.