Daily Confessions 21: I Have a Feeling… Like it’s My Last Day.

Yesterday was my longest day at the office. It was… yes… my last day there.

It was previously announced that my team will soon transfer to a different location. I know I’m a bit soft-hearted and I can’t hide the depression I feel during that day. Good thing I got stuck-up with too many deliverables and at least I got myself focused on another thing instead of the drama. But when I took for a break, it all comes back. Yes I’m leaving… It might sound a little over-acting but the reason behind is that I’m leaving my friends there, my very good friends who I found on another team instead on mine. It’s so heartbreaking knowing that you may never get to see them again.

I know I’m so emotional… stop reading if you can’t take it anymore.

Every move I did yesterday I took to be my last one and with some sentimental. I wave goodbye to my friends, the usual “wash-the-dish” then “eat my breakfast” every morning, haayyy... It’s very hard to move out of your comfort zone.

Actually, I didn’t felt that it was my last day there. No matter how hard I try to out it in my mind, I failed. Because the people I hang out with didn’t make me feel it’s my last day there.

I know I’m a bit overacting, sentimental and dramatic but that’s how I felt right now. I’ll be reporting to a new office on Tuesday and meet my old and new friends there.

Litratong Pinoy 81: Amoy (Smell)

Smells delicious huh?! It's not just smells delicious but of course, taste delicious. This is the best seller of my favorite restaurant. The staff have very good service.


Amoy masarap dba?! Hindi lang amoy masarap syempre, masarap talaga. Ito ay ang best seller sa paborito kong restaurant. Napakaganda ng serbisyo ng mga staff nila doon.

I've been here many times and the experience and the plate is always the same. Worth every visit. Lolz!

I will tell more on this restaurant on my next post for those who want to share the same experience I had.

These are my entries for this week on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Maraming beses na akong nakakain dito at ang karanasan at ang plato ay pareho pa rin. Sulit and bawat bisita.

Iba-blog ko ang tungkol sa restaurant na ito sa mga susunod ko pang posts para sa mga gustong magbahagi ng kanilang karanasan.

Ito ang aking mga lahok ngayong linggo sa Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

Wordless Wednesday

Seen in Big Screen 12: Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

I really hope that this will be the last installment on the series. I got pissed off! It's been awhile since I got a dose of horror and suspense in my system. I desperately need some excitement and adrenalin rush but this movie makes me yawn and put me half-asleep.

I do expect a more from the third installment. Every trilogy got the best on the last sequel but not this one. Shocks! I was really disappointed!

I will cite some supporting details on how I felt pissed off and totally disappointed. There's no really a "wrong turn" on the plot.

Casts were intentionally pushed to the wrong direction. Gosh! How lame!

There's only one women on the main casts compare to a 5-7 men. How will you keep the balance of masculinity and feminine on the series? Of course, this is not a love story so I hope that even a gender balance on the plot is present.

The first scene is much better where teenagers are looking for an adventure in the woods then the story goes. The plot started inside a penitentiary! The highlights directs me to the old ex convict men. I'm expecting a more younger roles which was introduced by the first two prequels. I got surprised when I see myself following the story of these men! What's this? Prison Break?! Gosh!

The killings - Oh My God! I wasn't impressed! First of all, there were less than 10 cast. So meaning there are minimal possibility to see some killings. Wait, they're holding guns! Oh C'mon! I've seen too many killings on different movies using guns. I'm hoping not to see the like on this since the main setting is woods and guns seems to be the last item on the killing list. Well since they manage to insert it, great job! The best killings I saw on the movie was the one tied by bard wires - very tight, from head to foot.

I wasn't impressed. Sorry for all the inappropriate words I used and some exaggerated expressions. It's just that it didn't met the expectation from the previous one. Have you seen this movie? Let me know if you got the same feeling or it's just me.

Seen in Big Screen 11: G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra

G.I. Joe is a futuristic action-pack film. The movie is an adaptation of the 1985 TV series for kids. I wasn't even in my mother's womb on those days! Lolz!

As technology gets older, movie quality gets better. I can't compare this to the former one since I wasn't able to watch it and one more thing, it's cartoons! Of course, the movie and the fact that real humans portrayed the role was really impressed me.

May I just point the strengths and best highlights of the movie. Since the movie time setting is a not too distant future, their weapons, suits and transportation were advanced. Few things I've noticed where the accelerator suit, the nanomites, the invisibility cloak, the voice command jet and many more. Another thing I've noticed is the location of G.I. Joe and the cobra. G.I. Joe based under the dessert while the Cobra established their based underwater or ice in the northern. Interesting huh?

I really can't get enough of the chase scene where Duke and Rip Cord, equipped with the accelerator suits, chased the Cobra before they can use the destructive weapon they posses. Awesome slow motions and explosives makes me "WOW!". The accelerator suit accelerates every moves from walking to high jumping. It is also equipped with mini guns and explosives which can easily trigger on the buttons on the arm. It's cost a million... each! If it will accelerate even the brain processing, its definitely worth it! Lolz!

How about you? Have you seen the movie? What can you say about it?

Series Box 14: PBB Double Up: Naked Fan Dancing

I do enjoy watching PBB ever since it started. Maybe its because I enjoy entering other people's life. Most of the time I can relate and of course there are times I got irritated.

Among the other weekly tasks, this week is the very interesting one. I won't miss this for the world! They are going to perform a Naked Fan Dancing - dancing while covering one's private parts using two fans! Below is a video of Naked Fan Dancing. I really can't help it! I really laugh out loud while watching the video. Hope you feel the same way I did! Enjoy!

(Full review of Pinoy Big Brother will be coming soon...)

Litratong Pinoy 80: Sinop (Neat)

I admit I'm not the type who is very proper and organize when it comes to my personal belongings. Instead of being a liar and posting picture doesn't describe me, I choose to be honest. I'm the total opposite of this week's theme. The above pictures is how my workplace looks like.

These are my entries for this week on Litratong Pinoy. I hope everyone likes it! Let’s also check the entry of the rest of the participants here.


Aminado ako hindi ako yung tipong masinop at maayos sa mga gamit ko. Sa halip na magsinungaling at magpakita ng larawang hindi naman talaga ako, pinili kong maging totoo. Kabaligtaran talaga ako ng tema natin ngayong linggo. Ang mga larawan sa itaas ay ang aking magulong lamesa.

Ito ang aking mga lahok ngayong linggo sa Litratong Pinoy. Sana nagustuhan ng lahat! Tignan din natin ang lahok ng ibang pang partisipante dito.

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Wordless Wednesday

Series Box 13: Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Version)

Hana Kimi is a story of inspiration and determination. Of course it also has full comedy that makes me hook. Language was not a hindrance in understanding the show. It was aired in TV screens dubbed in Filipino language. Its airtime is during afternoon and obviously I wasn’t able to watch it since I got all the time to work. SO I decided to get a copy of the series in DVD. Some subtitles were crap but still I managed to understand the thoughts. I don’t know if I laughed on the wrong grammar on the subtitles or in the thought itself. But anyways, it made the entire experience funny.

It’s a story of a girl who idolizes a famous athlete – high jumper to be exact. When the news reach her that his idol will stop on pursuing high jumping, she decided to disguise as a boy and went to the exclusive boy school where the athlete is studying. She will bring back the will of this athlete to come back to sports. That’s where the story started.

Though it was introduced as a romantic-comedy series, I didn’t found any mushy scenes that will make me say it is has romance. Yes there were some scenes but the intimacy will end and switches back to comedy. So in overall, there isn’t any.

What amazes me on the series is how Ella Chen transforms into a boy. It is very hard to hide the obvious physical characteristic of girl especially the chest. I noticed that her chest was flat all throughout the series! Not all women Asians are gifted when it comes to chest. I wasn’t able to see her in a woman image just so that I can compare it to her role in this series. I’m not being a pervert here but I’m just curious how they managed to hide it. (Whew! This part is very hard!)

What about you? Have you watched this series?

Daily Confessions 20: I'm Back After Ondoy Attacks

It’s been three weeks since I last checked and updated my blog. The answer to your question is NO. No, I’m just one of the lucky and blessed people who weren’t damaged by typhoon Ondoy. FYI, I live in the northern and yes, we’re still impacted though. Intermittent or no internet connection at all some few days and work keeps me off the blogosphere for the past weeks.

It’s been two weeks when Ondoy visited the Philippines. Many of my fellow countrymen, especially in the eastern, were severely damaged by this extreme flood. It almost wipe-out all properties and lives. Watching news on primetime is like watching a horror-drama movie. I feel for those who lost their lives and homes and I was terrified at the same time watching how people struggle to survive despite the danger. All those heartwarming and heroic stories I heard makes me proud as a Filipino. The spirit of bayanihan still lives in every Filipino.

I’m so lucky that my family is safe when Ondoy attacks. It’s just that my parents are stranded on their way home so they decided to stay at their workplace and meet us the next day. I took the responsibility of being a guardian to my siblings for a day. I make a point we stay in the house, equipped with every emergency tools I know and of course food. I was really worried for any power interruption since I was closely monitoring the weather. It was a very long day but looking at the positive side, my siblings and I got a chance to bond together.

I feel so lucky and blessed. So I decided to share some of the blessings I have to those unfortunate. Our office is running a fund drive and also placed some designated boxes for material donations. Aside from (forced) donation I gave, I also packed my old clothes for the donations. The feeling is quite fulfilling when you know yourself that you helped. Helping removes the guilt feeling when I was at home sleeping soundly and then are people who weren’t able to sleep because they don’t have a comfortable place to.

What about you? How’s your experience dealing with this calamity? Were you able to help? If you’re one of those affected people, there are people who are always ready to help.