Seen in Big Screen 2: Twilight

It’s been five months since it was last shown on the big screen, but this is the only time I have watched it in private – which I prefer rather than in the crowded and dark movie house. No doubt that even I got hooked the first time it was endorsed and advertise over the TV and by countless mouths. My initial plan was to read the whole series (while waiting for the movie to be release in DVD) which I decided to read just the first book. I have the 4 books in an eBook but due to my laziness and reading was not really me, I quitted reading the chapters. Though I have spare times at work to read it but the inner me says, “Stupid! You can’t finish this book!”. I even ask my officemate to provide me copies of audio book so that I can listen to it every now and then without getting my eyes fried over the monitor radiation. But then guess what, I didn’t finish it either! I didn’t even last for an hour because it made me fell asleep faster. Hahahaha!

So much for the reading and listening part. The book was great. No doubt why it sold millions of copies and counting and was soon adapted to movie.

The concept was a Harry Potter-like which aims to target a larger audience – not literary large, knowing me. I‘ve never been a fan of a vampire movie - I don’t even watched Adams family (for Heaven’s Sake) – just now. Watching the video was so entertaining. I never found any of the scenes boring because every scene has a unique impact. It made me watch it thoroughly. If I can, I can watch it without blinking an eye!

I read almost half of the first book. Therefore I will have an (50%) idea how it was differs from the movie. 3 weeks consume me reading the chapter while it consume several minutes on the movie. My God! Every chapter is quite wordy and outside my English vocabulary – well given the fact that I’m not English speaking citizen. The movie runs for 2 hours which in my estimation is too short to be complete. Stepenie Mayer did a great job on writing the book as well in extending it to series. I cannot review this by the book since I’m not a bookworm. Most of my credits will go the movie. What more can I say? I’m a couch potato! Hahahaha!

To evaluate both the book and the movie, it was quite interesting and highly recommended. I’m looking forward on a more interesting, heart-warming, breathe-taking, mouth-watering and exiting sequel.