Photoshop Works 10: Monabella

Monabella is a parody of the local soap opera Ysabella (starring Judy Ann Santos). Me and my classmates were just making fun of our classmate who frequently applies lipstick. It was the time when Ysabella was still on the TV screens. So I made an exact copy of her picture highlighting only his red lips and the rest is in black and white, just like Ysabella’s poster.

Have fun!


Bhing said...

It would be nice if the face and the neck part of the picture of mnabella is lighter just like Judy Ann.. lol

Well Lagman said...

Yeah I agree. That picture was almost 2 years old and way back that time, my skills wasn't really so good. See the edges on her hair? lol! I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!