Photoshop Works 15: Jaimee Got Married

My team lead Jaimee has been in California for a year for an onshore assignment. I was really impressed by her when I met her over the phone during our weekly meetings. I was more impressed when I finally met her in the flesh when she got back last February 2009. She already made an announcement last December 2008 that she will get married on December 24 at Las Vegas! What a very romantic date and place for a wedding. Disclaimer: Her marriage was not of those quick marriage held on the casinos and led by pastors. She still got a month for preparations for a grandiose church wedding.

So for a different greeting, I created her a simple yet memorable postcard. Here it is:

She finally found the love of her life. =]


Hoshi Luna said...

"She finally found the love of her life" dude you make it sound like they met recently. lol. They've been a couple for quite a long time already actually. :)