Seen in Big Screen 3: Disturbia

Disturbia is a suspense thriller movie. It’s a story of a boy who suspects his neighbor of committing a murder. He accidentally saw the car that according to the news is the car of the murder. Since he’s in a house arrest, most of his time was to look over his window a watch every move of his neighbor. I will stop at this point and I don’t want to spoil the movie. You should see it for yourself if you haven’t.

I’m really a fan of horror-suspense-thriller movies. From the classic Nightmare in Elm Street up to the latest Saw Series, I’m really updated. What I get from the watching these kinds of shows is the eagerness to finish the show despite of the screams and struggles which I normally don’t experience. If I watch a drama movie late at night, next thing I know I’m dreaming while If I watch a suspense-thriller movie, it will keep me awake all through out the duration of the movie even after.

What I have learned from Disturbia is to stand up for what you believe and what you fight for. Enough courage to stand up is also a requirement even if nobody believes in you. At the end of the day, it was you who made the difference.