Daily Confessions 15: On Being a Parent

Being a mother has a very big responsibility yet a rewarding profession. Double the effort if you have two. Thrice if you have three.

I may not be (or will not be) a mother but I see how my mother do a great job from nurturing her infants and raise them from childhood to adulthood - that includes me.

One round of applause for our moms and to you if you're a mother!

Last Saturday, I visited my best friend who already gave birth a very cute and healthy baby boy. Below are some pictures on the event:

More pictures here.

I'm happy that she's all grown up! She learned her responsibility and manage some sacrifices. She wake up in the middle of the night just to attend her baby crying. She also prepare the baby' milk - she doesn't breastfeed. She changed his diapers. Anything that a mother MUST do for her baby, she's is doing. She's loving it and I've never heard any complains whatsoever. One smile from his baby is very fulfilling.

I lifted Baby Vinry and placed him on my chest just so he can sleep. I treated him as my own though I never see myself having one in the future, lolz! He's very fragile and requires extreme caution. Like a very delicate flower!

As I look at him, I imagined how my mother (or my father) took care of me the same age as I was with the baby on my lap now, sleeping. Did she walked me outside to have some warm sun shine on my cheek? Did she talked to me a lot even though I'm asleep? Did she get irritated at me when I disturbed her soundless sleep at night when I needed to drink? Things like that... Simple things just like that.

Anyways, I never doubted how my mother looked after me when I was a baby. If I were to evaluate how am I doing as a child up to my age now, I can say that she was great! I may never know her motherly ways but I'm still up to it until now. I'm not just aware of it I guess. =]


mye said...

haayy...a baby brings happiness in every home...im happy for your friend ^_^

Well Lagman said...

hay nako korek ka jan ina! kahit anong galit ko sa tatay nian nawala na mula nung makita ko ung baby. =]

bingkee said...

Hi Well, thanks for coming to my blog...I always come here too. Mothers are great...they have such an amazing ability to nurture children.

Well Lagman said...

Thanks Bingkee! Looks like moms are the most commentators on this entry. =]