Seen in Big Screen 6: Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees is back to for more heart-pounding screams and off the seat suspense. Yes, I experienced those, lol! The movie has a good opening. I just realize now why Friday the 13th is always associated with Jason. The day Jason starts killing was Friday the 13th and it's his birthday. Too bad that the month was not mentioned. Very nice trivia, huh!

Suspense/Thriller and Horror are my favorite movie genre. I don't know why my mentality is like that. My heart pounds while watching - maybe that's the reason why it keeps me tuned in. By the way, when a movie makes me sleep or even yawn, I definitely didn't like the movie at all. On the other side, if it keeps me awak
e and tuned in, then I'll wait for the ending if I'll going to give it a good or bad impression, lol!

My mother looks at me differently for admiring and watching these kinds of movies. She said,
"You really love watching horror movies. No wonder why you talked in your sleep after watching Final Destination.". I didn't saw it coming, hahaha!

I wasn't able to watched the original Friday the 13th. Some says that the this latest one is a remake. So to figure out how Jason became a killer machine, I watched the movie. The only movie I've seen starring him was
Jason X (where the setting is in a futuristic satellite) and the ultimate Freddy vs. Jason (which is an ultimate showdown). Those are both worth watching.

This movie remake stars Jared Padalecki who is also a lead star in the suspense TV series Supernatural. He's got a spot for horror movies now, huh? The role he played in Supernatural (slaying supernatural creatures) has became his passport in getting the lead role in this movie. One thing I noticed from him is that he wore the same outfit in this movie and in the Supernatural series, lol!

Jason never failed me with the shocking scenes and surprising loud sounds. Some scenes put too much actions. What I noticed that improved from the last movies he had was the killing ways he had. He still got his favorite machete but he's now thinking. Without his machete, he look for what is available around him. Another thing I've noticed is that the way the cast killed is more realistic compared to the previous movies. Well, technology reaches almost everything. What can I say!? =]


Grampy said...

I don't get to watch them. My wife doesn't like them. Thanks for visiting Grampys Place. I don't have custody of the grandchildren. Maya stays with us everyday while her mother is at work. We have her five sometimes five and a half days a week. She is just like ours.

Rico said...

I think the last Jason movie I saw was Halloween H2O. He also used different...uhm...materials for killing like a pair of ice skates. I've stopped watching movies like this because my wife can't take it.

Well Lagman said...

@Grampy - nice to know that your grandchildren are close to you. I also have the same situation here where I also grew up living with my grandparents. =]

@Rico - Halloween (H20 and Resurrection) features Mike Myers, not Jason. Jut an FYI... But thanks for dropping by. =]

mye said...

i haven't watched a horror movie in a cinema..most are from DVDs...not that i don't want though but hubby opt not to watch horror films in big screen

Well Lagman said...

d naman kaya matatakutin sia ina!? hahaha!

kaw d ka pumasok kanina!