Daily Confessions 17: Evolution of Phones

Cellphone nowadays is considered to be one of the needs of an individual. Yes, needs! It cant be considered as optional. Everyone MUST have it. It's like a sin without it, lol! Nah! that's exaggerated! What I'm trying to point out is that it reaches every corner of the world except underground and underwater of course. But sooner or later great minds will find a way about it.

Few years back, mobile phones or shall I say cellular phones is at it's simplest from physical to functional. The rapid evolution of phone started when text message was introduced. This technology was adopted from pagers which is capable only of receiving text messages. Sending text messages is quite a disadvantage of the pagers. After that, telecommunication companies invented a mobile phone capable of sending and receiving text messages as well as making calls. It's one of the milestone on phone history.

Nowadays, technology almost reach everything. Mobile phones are not only capable of calls, text messages. Taking pictures, surfing the net, listening to music, playing games, watching TV and many more than you can imagine. What the heck!

As for me, I also gone out to quite an evolution of phones I used. Some factors that made me switch to another are of course the rapid technology improvement, needs, recession and of course leisure. lol!

2002 - Ericsson A1018s

I started out with Ericsson A1018s. Actually, 4 of the family members share the phone, meaning it's always at home! Since a new type of phone is being launch to the market it a must that we should also have at least one for communication purposes. We can't really afford to have one for each member so we decided to share. Would you believe it? This was very expensive, lol!

Well I never really enjoy it since my friends don't have a mobile phone so I don't have the time for texting. I just enjoy watching the backlight and practice texting so that when the time I have my own and I got friends to text, I'm prepared Lol!

2003 - Nokia 7110

Then I have my own phone, Nokia 7110. I never really asked for a more latest and expensive as long as I can text. Also, I have friend who has cellphone as well and now we can enjoy the pleasure of texting! Those were the times that the cellphones were really a hit in public so manufacturers and vendors decided to release a more affordable phones and that's why I have my first!

This phone is really big and bulky. I wished I had even the cheapest Nokia 5110 instead of this one. My classmates told me that this phone looks like an ice crusher here in the Philippines when the cover in the keypad was expanded. Lol! This ice crusher is mostly used when making halo-halo during summer.

To add to the sentimental value of this phone and for the record, this is also the first phone I lost. It slipped through my pocket when I'm riding a tricycle on the way to school. It was too soon when I found out that I left it on the ride. Lol! I never get depressed when that happened. Well I was sad a bit. I didn't want the phone but I'm not yet ready to lose it. Lol!

2004 - Nokia 3310

As a punishment for losing the cellphone, I didn't have any for a year and I got over it. I was a graduating student and I should have one not just because I got good grade but also when I enter college where I will be far away. Then my mother gave me her Nokia 3310. I was happy because it is still in a very good condition and got good ringtones! Lol!

That time a new milestone on the phone history was established - the release of the first colored and camera phone. If I can remember it was Nokia 7650 but I got contended with this one for the mean time. Sooner or later I can get it replaced with a more high tech one.

2005 - Sony Ericsson T230

I got savings and I want to invest it on my phone. I want to experienced a colored screen and see how it feels like. Since I don't have a very big budget, I got Sony Ericsson T230 which has a reasonable price for a colored phone. Again, I was happy.

It was very small and cute for a colored phone. Not to make the same mistake again, I attached to much accessories on the phone so that it wont slip on my pocket again.

This is also capable of taking pictures, by attaching a separate camera. By that time, VGA cameras was at its peak and may considered as high-tech and expensive. In short, I did not bought the camera.

2006 - Nokia 6230

Now as I get richer and desperate, I push my savings and bought an ultimate phone. Now this is what I can consider as (so far) the best I had. Nokia 6230 is very compact, even more compact and smaller than my previous one. It's a multi-purpose cellphone. I can upload and listen mp3s, take camera shots, record videos and transfer files through bluetooth technology. For the record, this is my very first camera phone.

This cellphone also holds too many memories I had in college. Now that I got a camera phone, together with my friends, we can take shots anytime and anywhere.

My friends told me that I should stop replacing my phone every year. Every year, it's getting more and more expensive. I don't know what to say! It makes me happy and contented. Having Nokis 6230 make me feel contented and happy. I thought that I can settle for it for many years but I was wrong.

2007 - Nokia N70

I suddenly felt the need to replace it. I did not contented with the very blurry image of VGA camera, themes is very limited and the small screen makes my eyes cross, lol! So to resolve all my problems and complains on my old phone, I got Nokia N70. Yes! big screen, large memory capacity, various applications and a very nice camera shot! I can't ask for more!

I got one complain on this phone, it's big! Well, given the fact that it performs too many functionality, I gave it a pass.

What I really love on this phone is that it is a music edition. Music edition phones are more focus on the musical functionality. It has a large memory capacity to accommodate numerous songs and a special application to navigate the songs and playlist.

I was really amaze by this phone. So I decided to stop admiring new phones and instead focus on my work. By the way, I graduated after I bought the phone. Also my mother was quite irritated of me changing a phone every year. I didn't have any news on the latest feature of the phone those days. The only thing that catches my attention is the new technology applied on mobile phones which is the touch screen technology.

2009-Present - Samsung F480

For two years that I got the same phone is quite an improvement to stop the addiction of a phone addict. Well, here we go again. I never thought that I would squeeze my few months savings just for this one. It's new year and a new phone is a yes!

To experience the pleasure of new technology, I bought Samsung F480. Its quite expensive. I just told myself that it will serves as my gift to myself. Nah! Too many excuses!

Aside from a very good responses of the touch screen, it got a a 5MG camera, cute widgets as shortcuts and its not a qwerty keypad. I love it!

At first I never found this one interesting since some of the widgets are not working and it got an ugly themes. I came to the point that I regret buying it. But my officemate (who has the same phone) gave me a very useful site on how to fix my complains. Since I'm a techie person, I didn't found the instructions difficult. I know that performing the instructions will make my phone useful for the rest of it's life. It was brand new and I know that the failure to do this is outside the warranty.

I carefully read the instructions and analyze the risk I'm into. I gave it a week to think then I do it. For the first time, I took a very big risk. I still performed it instead of forever regretting that I did not do it. And I am not, I still got the phone working 100% up to now.

I hope that I overcome the addiction to cellphones for the coming years and keep the above list as a minimal for now. Please pray for me. Lol! For the mean time, I will enjoy my phone since I put too much money and risk for it.

Sorry for a lengthy email. Hope you enjoy reading! You can also share you cellphone story or it's evolution just like mine. Lol!