Daily Confessions 17: First Strike!

The night was fun! Everyone is so competitive and full of energy. Its the opening of the new quarter on our project and this opening is always started by a sports fest - and this quarter's game is bowling!

More pictures here.

I'm not into sports. On of the many reason why I got a big body and belly! The first time i heard that this quarters' game will be bowling, I'm quite hesitant to join. I never played bowling ever in my 21 years! Lol! Since I got a very persuading and influential friends, they convinced me to register. The game is open for all types of players - even those who doesn't know the rules like me! So the main rule is just to have fun, pure fun!

When I was a kid, I did not see the point why bowling was categorized into sports. Rolling balls and hitting all pins down is just pretty simple and easy. I just realized that night that it was really hard! The ball is too heavy and the floor is too slippery. That is why they insisted on wearing special shoes during the game. Focus is really the key.

My first throw was a failed one. My second teach me how to aim. My third and the succeeding throws are totally fine. It wasn't so bad and hard to learn at all. Most of the times, I can hit all the pins down on the second throw. Though there were times that I never hit any. I was really surprised when I got my very first strike! It was fun and fulfilling that on my first time on playing this game, I got a strike! lol!

Together with my very good friend mye of Blog Appetite, we kicked some ass and eat dusts as well! Lol! She's one of the very great persuaders in my circle of friends and makes me join the game. We had endless laughs and overflowing jokes everytime our ball went on the side and hit nothing!

We may never won the game but we totally have fun. Well the experience is so memorable and really worth posting and sharing. I may never know when will I play bowling again. But I will grab the opportunity if there is.


pehpot said...

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Make or Break

mye said...

wahihihi! i really enjoyed the game...especially we had alex to make fun of us and julie around yelling i laaavvv eeettt!!!!

Rico said...

The first time I tried bowling I actually sucked! But when I tried it again later, I found out that I was actually good at it. But in every sport or thing that I tried, I always make sure that I have fun. I don't even mind the scores. :)

pehpot said...

I like bowling pero ung maliit na ball lang hehe

yup yup sa may ever gotesco un sa grand hehe..sa may valenzuela kase ung byenan ko kaya nung nagpunta kame quiapo from val, jan kame dumaan haha. I was trying to have a shit nung baku bakung kalsada na nilagyan ng mga sako sakong buhangin para ipoint out ang pagiging resourceful (in a bad way) ng mga politicians haha..

anyways.. may proposal ako to earn more.. most likely alam mo na to kay mye.. but this time I want to formalize it.. email me :

peh_cats at yahoo dot com

tsaka po, ang daming load ng blog mo.. mejo matagal sya mag load ahehe

Make or Break

Well Lagman said...

@rico - ako din rico medyo d maganda din ung mga una kong salang. pero nung nagtagal-tagal na, gumagaling na. hehehe! salamat sa pagbisita!

@pehpot - akalain mo un pehpot! sa valenzuela lang din ako nakatira ahahah! cge cge agree ako jan sa proposal mo. no questions ask! =]