Seen in Big Screen 8: Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Two thumbs up plus standing ovation!

Kiddie movies were never been this good and hilarious! For the third time, I almost fell out my seat laughing out loud watching the movie.

The whole cast is back for another icy and funny adventure together with the not-so-extinct dinosaurs. The folks have to save
Sid who was abducted by a giant dinosaurs for keeping its eggs and raising them as their own. Following the trails of the dinosaurs, the rest of the gang was led to an underground tunnel leading to the hidden world of the dinosaurs. And that's where the story started.

Ice Age series are one of the best kiddie and funny movies I've been waiting on the big screen and DVDs. It was always the funny punchlines and mushy scenes that completes the entertainment in watching the movie. Even my father was hooked to the series and is repeating the movies for quite sometime now. It was a stress reliever and make me feel younger one year younger for every laugh I made. Hehehehe!

What really makes me hooked and addicted to this movie was the trailer I saw on TV ads.
Scratte who is the main attraction on every trailer is really funny. I never heard any dialogue from him on the three movies, but still he can make me laugh out loud using his facial expressions and body language. In this movie he found a love team that can be match to him. At first it was just a simple battle to the one and only acorn but the love will be develop along the way. In the end of the movie, there's a catch between the two and the acorn. I won't go further into details and I suggest to watch the movie.

As I watch the movie, I feel like I've been traveling years back to when I was a kid who enjoys Tom and Jerry. It's just a two hour of my life where I smile feeling like I'm in a different world, world of mine. But still I need to go back to the real world, holding that two-hour-memory of youth.


mye said...

oh the twins just love this movie! memorize na ata nila yung lines haha!