Daily Confessions 21: I Have a Feeling… Like it’s My Last Day.

Yesterday was my longest day at the office. It was… yes… my last day there.

It was previously announced that my team will soon transfer to a different location. I know I’m a bit soft-hearted and I can’t hide the depression I feel during that day. Good thing I got stuck-up with too many deliverables and at least I got myself focused on another thing instead of the drama. But when I took for a break, it all comes back. Yes I’m leaving… It might sound a little over-acting but the reason behind is that I’m leaving my friends there, my very good friends who I found on another team instead on mine. It’s so heartbreaking knowing that you may never get to see them again.

I know I’m so emotional… stop reading if you can’t take it anymore.

Every move I did yesterday I took to be my last one and with some sentimental. I wave goodbye to my friends, the usual “wash-the-dish” then “eat my breakfast” every morning, haayyy... It’s very hard to move out of your comfort zone.

Actually, I didn’t felt that it was my last day there. No matter how hard I try to out it in my mind, I failed. Because the people I hang out with didn’t make me feel it’s my last day there.

I know I’m a bit overacting, sentimental and dramatic but that’s how I felt right now. I’ll be reporting to a new office on Tuesday and meet my old and new friends there.