Daily Confessions 23: Top Five Things That Pisses Me Off Right Now

I should be having my peaceful weekend right now but instead, things are getting a little bit annoying.

The list below comes in random order.
  1. Internet Connection - It's been a week but I still won't be able to upload a 100KB image to Facebook or to my blog. I am planning of switching to a different ISP ASAP! Their CSR is making me feel like I was an idiot! Its been a week and they can't explain clearly what is happening with my connection.
  2. Nothing to Watch - Since my internet connection is like sending an email in a snail-mail way, I wasn't able to download movies and TV series without leaving my PC turned on overnight. That's a lot of electricity consumption and a bigger electricity bill to pay. I got stuck with local TV shows all weekend.
  3. Adjustment Period - I was currectly transfered to another office location leaving all my friends and the things and place I was used to for a year. Moving out of the comfort zone, for me, takes a lot of courage and patience.
  4. Nothing to Blog - It's pretty obvious that I don't have any topic today to post. Writing these down helps me ease the boredom, depression and the disappointment I feel.
  5. Unclear Plans - With all the birthday celebration thing, I can't plan ahead without consulting my friends. Of course, I got the minimal answers and confirmation I got. I am really depressed and disappointed because the people I expect to come won't be able to make it and the others who already confirmed take their words back. From the 80% visitors I expect to come, now I'm down to 30%. I don't know what to do! If this continues, I'm gonna take the birthday celebration off and I will celebrate it myself.
I'm totally pissed off!!


Paul Baines said...

Still it's good to get your problems off your chest. Hope your troubles are solved soon - I suffered a few months of connection problems last year. It made me realise that so many of us are almost umbilically reliant on the net. Just imagine what would happen if the whole web shut down, there would probably be riots across the world. Still we'd all hopefully remember there's an off-line life with plenty more to offer. Of course I'm being totally hypocritical, the net is probably in my top 3 essential needs should I ever have to live on a desert island, sustenance and fuel just slightly piquing it lol.

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs said...

Life is fierce! Cheer up :)

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