Photoshop Works 2: Thesis Subject

During my college days, especially when working with the terrifrying Thesis subject - when I experienced sleepless overnights, unlimited deadlines and above-the-head stress level – I never failed myself to have at least one hour to unwind. I took my laptop, transferred pictures from my mobile phone, hit Adobe Photoshop icon and the rest is history. I used my team's pictures shot during the fun and idle times we had though working hard under pressure. Below are some pictures:

It's not us obviously. I just used that image as a template. Image was from a Japanese Anime series entitled "Mirmo". Below is what happened after I apply my personal touch:

Hahaha! Laugh out loud if you want to! =]

Now this one was adopted from a Korean Series, "My Girl". I wasn't able to find the source of the image. Well this one's better than the first I must admit.

Lastly, this one is what I like the most above all. I'm not really sure if this effect is "Color Emphasize" or "Selective Emphasize". This was my first photoshop work where I just use a simple effect and better yet, I feel satisfied and relaxed. I would like to share this image to all the readers just to show them how proud I am with my team for obvious reasons. We really look like a computer shop here. More satisfying and fulfilling was we passed our Thesis subject with flying colors. =]


mye said...

wow! nice creations you have! ^_^

Well Lagman said...

more to come!