Series Box 3: Prison Break

It was a story of a brilliant engineer who make himself imprisoned voluntarily just to free his brother who lined in a death row for a crime were he was set up. The story revolves Michael Scofield (the engineer) who will escape the prison using science and logical thinking.

As I read, the show is running on the fourth season and I can't wait to watch it.

What's amazing in the show was the genius Michael use his knowledge on how to get in and out of the prison smoothly. He carefully planned everything. To point some were the tattoo all over his body, the pugnac, the screw... everything! It was so amazing and the reason why it was being watched by so many. They waited for the next move what Michael will do in a certain situation where in there's no turning back. It shows that a brilliant mind is dangerous!

Though the show is so appealing, it is not recommended for young viewers for most of the scenes are for adults only. Not in the manner of XXX contents but the violent scenes. That's why before the show starts there's a "VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!"

I must admit that Prison Break shows some reality points in politics, law and money. It pictures that if you are in politics you can bend the law using you money then let other suffer for your dirty acts. I thought this is just in our country but the way I see it, it was a world epidemic.

Watching the show makes me irritating but excited. Irritating in the way like "Oh my God she's dead!" and "He's late!". They put so much regretting scenes that makes the show undeniably great. Some to points were when Veronica got killed inside the House/Prison of Terrance (the Vice President's brother), when Sarah got killed and her head was cut off (if I know, she'll be in the fourth season), when Susan was interrogated in SONA but she escaped, the million dollar baby money that flows in the river forever and many much more, just mentioning some the registers in my mind.

Technically, it doesn't contain special effects because I believe that they want to preserve the reality that the show is depicting. It was great! I admit it was more entertaining than Heroes, because Heroes was somewhat imaginative while Prison Break is reality.