Daily Confessions 12: Yes I’m single… so what!?

Two weeks ago, I attended a church wedding of my co-worker friend Charmae and her ex-boyfriend slash husband Jack. She’s been with her boyfriend for a long time now and maybe they feel a need to settle down since they’re very sure with each other. The wedding preparation consumes almost a year – that’s a quite long. Anyways, the wedding was held at the Manila Cathedral. I’m so happy that my camera won’t let me down on taking the very good shots. Below are some of the pictures:

More picture’s here.

Charmae and I are almost at the same age but I never see (or even think) that I will get marry at the very early age. As a matter of fact, I’m seeing myself not getting married at all, lol! Well, that’s too early to predict and too soon to happen. We’ll see as I aged.