Photoshop Works 7: Graduation Picture

Exactly 1 year ago was my graduation. I remember my graduation picture was my “Best Edited Photoshop Work” ever (as for me, it is). It’s not just because of the 16 year-old school memories depicted on the picture but also the hard work of my parents despite of being financially unstable.

The university took care of taking our graduation picture for our memorabilia – it’s included in our graduation fee. We manage to get a soft copy of the raw images but the pictures weren’t so nice since the photographer was not really a professional one. Most of us were disappointed by the outcome. Some of them have their graduation pictures retaken outside the school and look for a photo studio. Some of them did not and that includes me. I never want to take my picture again. It will cost me at least a 100 Php I guess and my mother will kill me if she knows, lol! I want to make my picture more special than the other pictures I have. I want to have something that I can display and post anywhere and shout like, “Hey, I graduated in College!”. So to make the long story short, I used my skills to edit the picture so that it may look like it came from a professional photo studio. Below was the raw picture from the university:

I wasn’t really nice I admit but I have nothing against the photographer since he has captured me at my most proud and contented smile. After spending hours working on the image, below is the outcome:

Yipee! Now I have the guts to post my graduation anywhere without having second thoughts or without even thinking what other people would say about it. It made me more proud. It was really rewarding. I’ve been hearing too many testimonials and complements about the “magic” I used to make my picture special. So I decided to apply the same “magic” on their graduation pictures as well. See below:

In a nutshell, for every students and parents, graduation is something that MUST BE proud of. It’s the end of your preparation and the start of a long journey on the real world. The graduation picture is still a picture but that simple picture depicts a lifetime memories.