Photoshop Works 6: Random Effects

Me and my highschool friends saw each other last weekend. I got the pictures from Jennifer after a week and I decided to apply a certain effect to make it memorable and special. Below is the original image:

After applying an effect which I can't remember what I did, it somehow made more special and memorable than just a simple image. Below is the outcome of the image after the effect:

Looks good! Isn't it?

Not just the picture about made me more curious about photshop. I selected another picture to be edited. This time, I choose from our latest picture on our Thesis Defense Day or The End of the World... just kidding! There were too many beautiful shots since we're all very happy that the day ends. Below is what my eyes decided to be the best of all:

I applied some texture on the photo and a simple spotlight-like color. Below is what happened on the image:

Isn't it nice?

I was really mesmerize by the Vector Art. I'm always a fan really. As an amateur, I found it hard to apply a vector effect on a camera-shot image. I worked for 3 hours just to find how will I match the two separate worlds. I begun by choosing my class picture as a template and download some vectorized brushes on Deviantart. Below is the raw image of my class picture:

(Click on the image to enlarge)

I'm planning to remove the very ugly border and the details on the bottom of the images. Basically what I did was to overwrite each side using the vector brushes I've downloaded. I used grunge brushes, tech brushes, splatters, stars brushes and urban brushes. I just play with my imagination and creativeness by choosing the right color. I also chose a very good font face to rewrite the same details on the bottom of the image. Below is my personal touch to my class picture:

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Hope you like it!