Series Box 4: Chuck

Chuck is a comedy-action TV series. I’m not seeing myself watching this series because when I first heard the title, it got no impression laid on me. My friend, Joanne, tell me about Chuck. She was the one who put the impression in me: that it was an action-packed series plus a comedy on the side and that the concept includes “spies” which I really love. I still got no interest in watching the series though I can still catch up with the series since it was running on its second season. Then the time comes that I got no more series to watch. Prison Break reached the end. Smallville, Supernatural and Heroes end their respective seasons. And I don’t like the new movies on the cinemas. So, I have no choice but to get the first season of Chuck. It was on top of my list since I got very good testimonials from several people and pushing me to see at least one episode. So I got the copy, ripped it and save to my PSP – I prefer to watch any series or movies on my PSP for portability purposes – then sit back, relax and watch the series.

The comedy side keeps me awake at night while the action part makes me want to see more of the next episodes. No wonder why some people I asked were hooked up. One thing I looked on a certain episode was the cover of the CIA and NSA agents namely Agent Sarah Walker and Major John Casey including Chuck as well. I remember a certain cover that made me laugh out loud was when Chuck and Casey need to infiltrate a building to get a code to disarm a satellite bomb. So they disguise as a Nerd Herd personnel to fix a computer emergency. But the IT specialist on the said company declined their help and told them they will not need help from Nerd Herd. So they proceed to Plan B and guess what? Sarah covers as another Nerd Herd personnel and wears a very good costume and reveals her hotness. The IT people and the security got a total disruption on their work while Chuck and Casey was successfully entered the building and bypass security. Hahahaha!

Chuck is different from other series. Despite of having a total comedy on Buy More and an extreme action-packed scene, the series manage to depict drama (Chuck and his Family) and romance (Chuck and Sarah) side. I haven’t finished the second season but the rumors say that the series won’t be back for another season. So sad may it seems but after a few months, while avid fans campaign for bringing back Chuck to the TV screen, rumor has it that Chuck will be back for a new season. I can’t wait to finish the current season I’m in and watch for the next season.