Daily Confessions 13: Reunited

Today is the birthday of my high school friend, Christianne (in pink jersey; left picture) but the celebration was held last Saturday. I saw my old classmates there and what surprise me is they’re still the same. Anyways, my camera did a great job on taking the pictures. Below are some pictures:

More pictures here.

I was hesitant at first. I was walking to Emerson the day before. He said that he will be here in Valenzuela for the party and he invited me and some company (chaperon is better). I wasn’t invited so what I did is to say yes to him and I invited myself and two chaperons. Hahaha!

The party goes well as expected just like every party we had before – too many stories, reminiscing old days, super funny jokes, overflowing vodka and very long cigarettes. That event made my night very happy but emotional. I never thought that I would feel the emptiness and longing I felt when we separated from high school. It was 5 years ago but it feels like yesterday. It’s not everyday that we see or even talk to each other so… seize the moment!

I learned too many things last night. The spirit of alcohol helped me to. I realize that I should give myself some times to laugh out loud and scream at the top of my lungs. Talking to my very good friend who I missed so much makes me realize what a good friend I’ve been which I never though I am. (He’s another story I’m thinking if it’s worth posting and reading.) I undergone the realization of what am I today is what I’ve been in the past with the help of these people. I really miss them so much. I miss high school so badly. Last night was just a glimpse of my very complicated past. I’m partly happy that it did, partly sad that I had to leave it behind.