Seen in Big Screen 4: Night at the Museum 2

Being in the museum was one of my childhood memories adulthood erased. I remember I’ve been to one of the local museum but I can’t remember any details of where, when and what’s in that museum. Watching Night at the Museum 1 and 2 brings back my childhood.

Promotion is wide and production is high. No wonder why it clicked on the second time. The special effects attract a large number of audiences. The expectation of a better movie than the previous one was once again exceeded.

Ben Stiller never failed to make me laugh. From Meet the Parents to Duplex and up to the latest, I watched all of it. He is really a man of comedy.

Though I wasn’t able to recall the memory that was once lost or hidden somewhere in my brain, watching this movie was able to replace it with a new one, a better one. I feel like I was in a museum as I watch the movie. The very detailed clone of the real world as figures of history is shown in the movie. From the pre-historic cave mans to the latest technology we have, name it, they got it!

Addition to the main cast is Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams) who I learned on the movie was the first man (woman) to fly solo across Atlantic Ocean. Now I’m learning! The Night at the Museum was somehow substantial for general knowledge just like what you acquire when you visit a museum.

Making me wow is one of the criteria I can say that a movie is fantastic! Well what can I say… I’ll give it a Two Thumbs Up! =]


mye said...

waaaahhh namiss ko ba ito?? arrggghh!!!