Daily Confessions 14: Paranoia

Yesterday was my sister’s 18th Birthday celebration. Yes I was there and they need me for capturing memories. I never thought I will be there enjoying even I was really tired and hungry. Good thing that at least I have one visitor came from tons circle of friends I invited - someone I can talk to about choosing what event I will be on that day: my sister’s 18th birthday or the elementary reunion happening at the same time and date. Well obviously, I was at the birthday.

Exactly two weeks ago, my former classmate contacted me. She is throwing a simple reunion or party for our batch. I graduated elementary last March 2000. It’s been 9 years and maybe I’m not yet ready to face them. Something inside me that tells me to come and meet them again but for some reasons, I can’t therefore I won’t. I a
lready told my other former classmates that I won’t be in there but I didn’t tell them my reasons. I really had very bad memories with those people and I don’t want to remember them again. Cause definitely, the topic will definitely be the more of reminiscing the past.

One week ago, I change my mind. I let them know that I will be there but I was still uncertain though. These people were very excited and happy. Something came up the next Monday. My mother is expecting me on the day. She told me that she could really use a hand for preparations. I gave her my word that I will help her on the preparations but not on the event since I’ll be attending another event. It was a last minute decision: I won’t be attending the reunion anymore. I did not expect that there are too many visitors including my relatives. I won’t miss this for the world! So I sent as SMS message that I’m really sorry for disappointing them then I continue taking shots.

The party went very happy and I have no regrets being a part of it. Below are some pictures:

More pictures here.

Going back, I realize that it was just my paranoia that holds me back and my curiosity of what is happening on the reunion urge me to leave the birthday and went there. But blood is ticker than water. I don’t want to regret the day that I wasn’t there for my sister on her special day. So I choose to stay. Besides I’m having fun taking too many pictures and meeting my pretty and cute nieces that I only see every Christmas seasons.

Meeting with an old friend was really a memorable and needs to be treasure. It’s like burning the fire the friendship again that you had before. Talking with London, I learned that my sister’s 18th birthday come once in her lifetime. I can still get a chance to reunite with them again. One more reason that prevents me from doing it is to feel sorry that I let them down on the first. I don’t know if I can face it.


zorlone said...

Looks like the food was great! The plates were empty except for some sauce. hehe


Well Lagman said...

hi zorlone! thanks for visiting my blog! hope to here from you soon... the foods we prepared were just enough for all the visitors who came and everyone is so happy and satisfied! =]

Reese said...

Come to think of it, I didn't have a good memory in school too, for the most part I enjoyed it, but there are some that I rather would definitely wouldnt want to have any part of anymore. Nice thoughts.

Well Lagman said...

Thanks Reese! Nice to know that someone feel the same way I did... from school of course! =]

mye said...

i'm so glad you chose your sister's event. my daughter celebrated their party today and my sisters were not around...with boyfriends! aw!

am just very happy that my daughters were happy :)

Well Lagman said...

that's what matters after all... ;]