Series Box 7: Kyle XY

Kyle XY is a story of a boy named Kyle. He is a product of an genetic experiment of some hidden institution. Their main purpose is to create/born a human that has an extraordinary mind and that is Kyle. He was able to escape from the lab where he was being observe when it was destroyed. He found himself in the middle of the woods without memory, without anything! That's the time he met the family who took care of him and treat him like theirs. And from there, the story goes on...

Family values and parenting is the main lessons I learned from watching this series. I really relate to the cast since the topics and the settings is almost at my age: teenage problems, adulthood, decision making, lovelife, friendship, honesty and everything I can imagine. It's so funny that the parents took care of their teenagers very lightly but very strict when they committ a mistake. Well, I undergone the same treatment when I was still underage, lol! The difference is that my parents will never ground me for weeks without my phone which is obviously not in Kyle and his siblings case.

Another strange in the series is that Kyle sleeps in the tub. Yup, you read it right! First few episodes of season one where he can't or won't sleep for weeks and he still energize like a full charged battery. He is really really odd and weird! Of course, in real life, individuals like him never really exists. I did not expect that I can found and meet someone as extraordinary as him.

I recommend watching this series to all even though it stops airing from it's 3rd season and there's rumor that it will never be back again. =[


mye said...


i hope to be able to watch this :) ay kelan kaya gosh do i still have time to watch series?

Well Lagman said...

if you have time masaya panoorin! you can also find good tips on how you can raise your children properly. =]