Daily Confessions 8: The Tragedy


Riding patoks is one of the reason I am proud to say I am a PUPIAN. It’s just one. I still have many more reasons.

I’m moving on… no, I already moved on… so will you?

It’s hard to remember every little detail of what happened. Actually, I already moved on the moment I close my eyes that night after I was released. The hardest thing is that the people involved in the tragedy and those who are interested in knowing the details are the one’s who make it hard for me to moved on. Every time that we talked about it, I keep myself silent and quiet than making myself the bida in the conversation. What hurts is that the details I didn’t saw that night is what remains in my mind and its hard. I just smile. Yes, they’re just making it a laughing stuff or joke but still I can’t accept it. The fact that I am the one who is more injured among the 4 of us. So the topic is almost all in me. I hope this thing will be finished. Soon…

This is what happened…for the last time… I’m so tired of repetition!

I had enough of this. It’s very hard to remember the details, but I will try my best to remember some.

We are riding in this jeep. Tungaw is the name of the jeepney. It is famous even in youtube. We are not looking for a good time that night but the mere fact is we really want to go home early. It was 8:30pm when we find ourselves walking towards 7-11 to recharge. But that won’t make long because we are really tired. After leaving the store, we cross the street and we saw this jeep and the worst thing is that it was so full. So full that we cant sit anymore. I insisted that we should look for another jeep but the three insisted that we should ride because the barker said we still can fit. Luckily, one passenger left, and there’s a chance of riding. I was at the bangketa leaving the three. I was surprised when I looked at them! They’re riding the jeepney! I don’t know what to do anymore because they already inside looking for a space. I don’t wanna left behind so, I follow them. It was dark, surprisingly we still manage to sit the four of us. The funny thing is that 1 seat equals to 4 seats. That’s how patoks are.

So the jeep starts running. Everybody is so excited. As we reach SM Cpoint, the trapped in a traffic which is very normal to this place because of the traffic light. As the traffic light says go, the adrenalin rush start to rise. We are running in about 60kph or higher I don’t know. I’m not a licensed driver! Just like a normal patok the terms was falong-falo. As is super palong-palo! It was long enough for the jeep to bank. If you are a regular patok passenger, you will know that it was too much than the regular time and the driver was not hitting the breaks yet. So I start to wonder. It’s just seconds. Everything happens in a flash. Were still running at the same speed but this time, it stop on banking. Then we stop in just less than a second. The engine stops! I’m clueless on what was happened. I really want to laugh that time coz it was an experience riding patok. I found myself stuck up with other passengers stuck all over me too. I can’t move! Then I felt something liquid running down my head to my left shoulder. I never know what it was. Then I heard someone says bez, bezm d ko kayaa!!. She was moaning. More of a hurt. Another say, baba dali! Baba!. By that time I realized that what happened was no joke. So I followed the passengers in leaving the vehicle. That liquid still running down to my shoulder and I don’t care! I assume that it was blood from friend in my left so I remain cool. Coz I don’t feel any pain from my body.

When Im already out, I saw my friend mheanne lying in the sidewalk. Complaining about her back and stomach ache. I was so worried that my mother will saw the blood stains in my shirt when I get home so I ask Kirby if I can borrow to him some shirt before I go home. Just to cover what happened. Then Jc saw my head full of blood. And I said that it was from the head where my head hits and I’m ok. Just give me handkerchief to clean up. Then jc insisted to inspect if my head has no injured just to make sure. So he look curiously in my head, finding if the source of blood is really mine. He didn’t find anything so I remain cool.

Then we move to a very bright place of the sidewalk. I was surprised that where we had landed was the UERM hospital. From there I saw the jeepney that crushed in a post. I can’t believe that I’m riding that vehicle and I was lucky that I was alive.

Then a kid approach me asking if he has a wound in his head too coz he saw my condition and asking for help. To we moved to a where the light is to see his head clearly. I saw that there was a little opening in his head! And OMG! I screamed out and look for jc to look again in my head. So he look again and finally, he saw a little opening in my head where the blood coming from. I was shocked and I had no choice to run to the UERM ER. I’m with jc and I ask him to buy alcohol. So he left me running to the ER. So funny of mine to ask him to buy such thing! Haha! I left the other two there, Mheanne and Kirby, when I look back, I saw Kirby carrying mheanne in his hands, running towards me! Haha! Bionic! Then we all send to the ER and apply some first aids.

Some of the victims were there also. And I don’t want to describe their situations.

I’m so hesitant to call my parents at home to pick me up. I’m thinking of paying my own hospital bills all by myself. But Kirby insisted to make a call at home. I was afraid that my mom is gonna kill me of what was happened, but still I called them.

While I was on the phone, I said to my mom that I’m really ok and I need them to pick me up here at hospital. I was very ok and I told them that I can still throw them a joke. Hehehe!

The doctor said that I’m really ok because I’m very noisy in the ER. They give me three stitches in my head. I don’t wanna discuss the details while the operation was going on coz it was so gross! All I know is that they shave my hair, inject some anesthetic and I don’t know what’s next.

Kirby also text some of our classmates living nearby and ask them to drop by. I was so overwhelmed that night when I saw Ja who is my enemy that time and I decided that night to make it up to him. So I text him after they left. Ok enough!

I was released around 1am with my mom and dad. They came around 12am!
Mheanne was released around 12:30 am and was sent to New Era hospital because of his demanding father.
Jc also bring the alcohol I ask him to buy! Silly kid! I ask him to go home around 12am coz it too late.
Kirby join me inside and I join me after I released.

So that’s it. I don’t wanna hear anymore details. If you want to know the details, just ride patok named tungaw.

I am recovering now. My stitches was removed, my hair is growing. Day by day, the physical mark of what had happened was covered little by little but my memory still refreshes every detail of what had happened whenever I’m riding a public vehicle. So sad! :’(