Photoshop Works 21: Comic

Since I was a kid, I really love reading comic books. The story of the comics are mostly funny and shows right conduct. I missed those times. So to revive the memories I had when I was young, I created an entry to my photoshop works a comic effect on my picture. In the image below is my two fellow office mates having fun with a weird eye wear. =]

Click the images to enlarge.

The image on the left is the untouched image while the image on the right is my work.


mye said...

uy bagay sila sa comics ^_^

Well Lagman said...

ayos dba mother! hahaha!

Dinah said...

wow, this is cool :-) we can use it make a comics story out of our pics
thanks for sharing!

Well Lagman said...

thanks dinah! it is really a nice effect. Im amaze as well! =]

pilyamaldita said...

girl!! ngayon ko lang nakita na sikat pala kmi ni eulaness ;))

wonderful wonderful job!! *two thumbs up!*