Daily Confessions 16: Whats Keeping Me Busy Every night?

It's been a while since I discovered Facebook. Compare to the other networking sites I have, this one is different. It has thousands of cool and interesting applications such as online games and quizzes - more of a personality tests. I'm not a online gamer. I really don't like playing games on computer either stand-alone or online games. Obviously, the quizzes make my stay on the site longer. Though I never believe the output. lol!

At first I got irritated of my friends' request (or invitation) to try different applications. I never responded to any since I'm not really interested. What really matters is how will I promote my blog using
Facebook and I was a bit interested on that aspect.

Months have passed and I've been hearing some of my friends and office mates talking about some interesting games on
Facebook. Mafia wars, Poker and everything I'm not familiar of. Am I being left behind?

Then one night, I got all the time I need to explore my account in
Facebook. From my homepage, I saw a lot of posts of my friends regarding their progress on this game, how much do they won on that and some links to promote their blog, lol! Then I saw Farmtown. I not planning to play the game but that night, I'm thinking of trying the game for myself. So I played the game. As a technical person, I need to pay attention to the details of the game. I need to wear the shoes of the user, not the programmer's. As my observation goes, I concluded that the game was user-friendly, easy to understand and most of all, fun!

As the name implies, its a simulation of a farm. A farmer (or the player) will have his/her own farm he/she will use and grow to earn coins. Customization to the appearance of the farm from single detail to the general one is really exciting. There is also a pretty good feature to send some gifts to your fellow farmers. These are some animals, flowers and trees. Some of these are locked and as you progress, you may be able to unlocked this, place it in your farm or send it to your friends. Another cool feature of these game is its interactive. You can talk to the other farmers who are online. You can also work to their farm - or vice versa - to earn some coins and experience. That way you can improve your farm.

Its a pretty cool app. It keeps me occupied everynight after working hours. The crops that I planted will bear some flowers and fruits that are to harvest. If you missed harvesting the fruits, the crops will gone to waste and may need to replant the seeds. You lost money in that manner.

Its been a while since I played the game an I reached almost the mid-level of my character. I never thought that I would sacrifice blog hopping and posting by playing
Farmtown. But I never regret allotting time on this, cause it makes me happy. So to share my success and so much happiness in my game, the image below is taken from my farm together with my sheep.

The sheep is a gift, by the way, so as the trees around us. So if you are on the same addiction as mine, you can add me as your friend in Facebook, let's exchange gifts and work on each others farm.