Series Box 10: It Started with a Kiss

It started with a kiss is a romantic-comedy series from Taiwan. It was adopt by ABS-CBN and dubbed it to Filipino language. It was aired every after noon of I can't remember what year.

It's a story of a very desperate girl, Jeannie. He really like Michael who is a very brilliant student in their school and happens to be their family friend. It was sooner when she discover when their house was destroyed by an earthquake. She and her father is homeless and in need of help. That's the time when their long-time family friend catch the news and came looking for them. That's the time when their long time family friend offer them to live with them. And that's when it all started.

I admit I really love the series but I need to point some parts or ideas where I feel uncomfortable and nonparallel with my beliefs. The series is somehow off to the Filipino culture. Here in Philippines, parents with underage siblings are (should) not tolerating marriage at the early age which is very much opposite in the series. I'm not really sure if this family values were really in practice and if that's the case, I've nothing against those. As long as both parents and their sibling are responsible for their every action and be prepared for the consequences.

Enough for the criticism part, I want to share my most favorite scene in the movie. It was the ending part - the wedding. After all the hardship Jeannie undergone just to make sure that she will be with Michael forever, finally it came to an end. Based from the story, it was Jeannie's idea to make their wedding different, very different! So from the curiosity and bubbly of her character, she came to a decision to switch the wedding outfit of the groom and bride as well as the rest of the whole entourage (except for the priest of course)! It was fun because the wedding was held in a public place specifically in a riverside where the bride (the groom) instead of walking in a aisle, will be transported by a boat to the riverside and there waiting her groom (the bride). The total switch was funny!

I really love watching the series whether be in Taiwanese language (with English subs) or in Filipino language. In fact, I'm currently watching it's sequel,
They Kiss Again which is showcasing their life as husband and wife while still living under their parents roof! Lol!