Series Box 11: They Kiss Again

After the success of their first comedy-romance series, It Started with a Kiss, Jeannie and Michael comes back for another round of laughs and intimate scenes together with the newly weds.

In our local TV channel, the series finished airing months ago and sadly, I am working so I never got the chance to watch it in the afternoon time slot everyday. Few weeks have past and I was so lucky to acquire a copy of the whole series in a DVD. Wooh! I was so happy watching it during my lunch break at the office and even on the way home using my PSP. Watching TV series and movies are my stress reliever after a long day in the office so you can’t blame me for too much into it, besides, it not bad for the health. Lol!

Anyways, going back to the series. The attack in the audience of the series is quite different now. The casts' roles stepped-up the next level of maturity but still the character is still there. More kissing and more intimate scenes. Not to the point where it will be banned for children below legal age. The intimacy which is rarely shown in the series make it more exciting and so envious. Right, I'm not made of stone! Lol! One thing I've noticed compare from the prequel to this sequel is the kiss. Well, maybe I was under the impression that the title tells it all. What I saw was a lot more than I expected. Every kiss has passion and love.


Rose said...

wow may sariling dvd ka ng show na ito. saan ka po nakabili original po ba at complete series po pa ang dvd mo. ask ko lang po kasi tagal ko naghahanap ng dvd ng series na ito pero wala me makita eh. yeah it started with a kiss 1&2 is the best asian drama ever. isa ito sa mga favorite asian drama ko. talagang di nakakasawang panoorin at ulit ulitin ito. may part 3 pa ang series na ito ginagawa pa ngayon.

mye said...

not much a tv fan ^_^

kilala mo naman ako! hahaha! i was able to watch a few episodes of It Started With A Kiss but i didn't get to like it so much back then.

Well Lagman said...

@Rose - Nako ung dvd na nabili ko pirated lang. Pero maganda na kopya. Nakakatuwa nga kasi meron na nung tagalog dubbed (tv ripped). hahaha! anyways, sa quiapo madaan ka lang complete series na. heheh!

@Mother - dios ko naririndi na nga tenga ko sa mga anime songs na di ko naman naiintindihan pag nasa cube mo ako. hahaha!

mye said...

am back! just want to know i am now accepting sponsors for my blog contest! if you are interested, let me know!