Seen in Big Screen 9: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I got this DVD stuck in my closet for a month now. I never got the chance to watch it since I'm experiencing technical difficulties uploading it into my PSP. Now I finally got a chance to watch it using a DVD player. I was advise by the doctor to have a 2-3 days bed rest to get me into shape again. So sad I had to take a 1-day sick leave off the office to get myself on the track again.

Anyways, the movie stars the Alias superstar Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaughey. This is the first time I've seen the two match-up on the big screen. This is about Connor Mead(McConaughey) who always do what he do best... in bed and Jenny Perotti (Garner) who's the childhood sweetheart of the guy. Connor was visited by ghosts representing his past, present and future girlfriends reminding her of what he did to Jenny in the past. I won't go into details!

I've always been a fan of Jennifer Garner since Alias days to Daredevil to Elektra. She's really a gorgeous and strong woman. And she never failed to show it in every movie she has. She's really simple and beautiful on this movies wedding scene where she wore a very elegant wedding dress and a perfect hair fix that highlighted her face. I will never forget the (first) time I saw her walk on the aisle as a bride in the big screen. If this is not the first then I may have missed a movie of hers.

As for Matthew, I don't have any bad impressions on him. Actually, I've seen him since Sahara (with Penelope Cruz) and How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days (with Kate Hudson). He's not the ideal leading man for Jennifer but he's on the list of compatible leading men or shall I say the universal leading men. He was able to stretch his capabilities and acting skills to match with the roles he's into. Like being a photographer on this movie. Look how he holds the camera. Qualified to being a professional photographer. By the way, he really is a photographer in this movie. One more look at the camera and he's holding a Nikon D2XS Digital SLR! Wooh! how I wish to have one of that!

I'm so happy and thankful to finished all my unwatched DVD's during my very short vacation. I was able to appreciate the movie and able to wrote longer reviews. Lol!


mye said...

you deserve a break! i was out today on sick leave too! tummy has never been so friendly to me these past few months....

ei i haven't watched this - i've got to!

Marice said...

same here :) i sooo heart jen garner.. im also jen-michael fan.. but im not against ben too :) but if i were to choose ill choose vaughn :)