Series Box 13: Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Version)

Hana Kimi is a story of inspiration and determination. Of course it also has full comedy that makes me hook. Language was not a hindrance in understanding the show. It was aired in TV screens dubbed in Filipino language. Its airtime is during afternoon and obviously I wasn’t able to watch it since I got all the time to work. SO I decided to get a copy of the series in DVD. Some subtitles were crap but still I managed to understand the thoughts. I don’t know if I laughed on the wrong grammar on the subtitles or in the thought itself. But anyways, it made the entire experience funny.

It’s a story of a girl who idolizes a famous athlete – high jumper to be exact. When the news reach her that his idol will stop on pursuing high jumping, she decided to disguise as a boy and went to the exclusive boy school where the athlete is studying. She will bring back the will of this athlete to come back to sports. That’s where the story started.

Though it was introduced as a romantic-comedy series, I didn’t found any mushy scenes that will make me say it is has romance. Yes there were some scenes but the intimacy will end and switches back to comedy. So in overall, there isn’t any.

What amazes me on the series is how Ella Chen transforms into a boy. It is very hard to hide the obvious physical characteristic of girl especially the chest. I noticed that her chest was flat all throughout the series! Not all women Asians are gifted when it comes to chest. I wasn’t able to see her in a woman image just so that I can compare it to her role in this series. I’m not being a pervert here but I’m just curious how they managed to hide it. (Whew! This part is very hard!)

What about you? Have you watched this series?


redamethyst said...

I like this series. I wasn't able to watch it when it was first aired at Channel 2, but when they aired it every sunday, I watched it. and I searched on the net to finish watching it immediately. :D :D

Vera said...

I loved whatever episode I could catch of this series. They were funny! :)