Daily Confessions 20: I'm Back After Ondoy Attacks

It’s been three weeks since I last checked and updated my blog. The answer to your question is NO. No, I’m just one of the lucky and blessed people who weren’t damaged by typhoon Ondoy. FYI, I live in the northern and yes, we’re still impacted though. Intermittent or no internet connection at all some few days and work keeps me off the blogosphere for the past weeks.

It’s been two weeks when Ondoy visited the Philippines. Many of my fellow countrymen, especially in the eastern, were severely damaged by this extreme flood. It almost wipe-out all properties and lives. Watching news on primetime is like watching a horror-drama movie. I feel for those who lost their lives and homes and I was terrified at the same time watching how people struggle to survive despite the danger. All those heartwarming and heroic stories I heard makes me proud as a Filipino. The spirit of bayanihan still lives in every Filipino.

I’m so lucky that my family is safe when Ondoy attacks. It’s just that my parents are stranded on their way home so they decided to stay at their workplace and meet us the next day. I took the responsibility of being a guardian to my siblings for a day. I make a point we stay in the house, equipped with every emergency tools I know and of course food. I was really worried for any power interruption since I was closely monitoring the weather. It was a very long day but looking at the positive side, my siblings and I got a chance to bond together.

I feel so lucky and blessed. So I decided to share some of the blessings I have to those unfortunate. Our office is running a fund drive and also placed some designated boxes for material donations. Aside from (forced) donation I gave, I also packed my old clothes for the donations. The feeling is quite fulfilling when you know yourself that you helped. Helping removes the guilt feeling when I was at home sleeping soundly and then are people who weren’t able to sleep because they don’t have a comfortable place to.

What about you? How’s your experience dealing with this calamity? Were you able to help? If you’re one of those affected people, there are people who are always ready to help.