Series Box 14: PBB Double Up: Naked Fan Dancing

I do enjoy watching PBB ever since it started. Maybe its because I enjoy entering other people's life. Most of the time I can relate and of course there are times I got irritated.

Among the other weekly tasks, this week is the very interesting one. I won't miss this for the world! They are going to perform a Naked Fan Dancing - dancing while covering one's private parts using two fans! Below is a video of Naked Fan Dancing. I really can't help it! I really laugh out loud while watching the video. Hope you feel the same way I did! Enjoy!

(Full review of Pinoy Big Brother will be coming soon...)


redamethyst said...

I enjoy watching PBB also, and I am excited to watch their weekly task. :)

Mara said...

LOL. I can't wait to watch the weekly task tonight! It's going to be too hilarious, for sure. :))