Series Box 2: Heroes

The series is currently off the tv screen preparing for the next season though the last season only runs for 11 episodes because of the writer's strike blah... blah... blah...

Its the story of individuals with different powers, well not exactly powers, gifts. This series shows how those individuals use their gifts whether to either good or bad.

At first it was very boring. Because it seems like there's no story at all. They're just showing the cast from there, fr
om here, from everywhere, from past, from future to present which is very irrelevant to each other. But as the story goes on, it becomes crystal clear. It helps to excite the fans I must admit.

Among the original casting from the season 1, the casting adds new heroes which makes the season 2 more exciting. I like Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) because she's the youngest and she represents the young viewers that make the show more appealing because the target audience is not just adults. I also like Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) because his role gives direction to the show. I must admit among the other cast, he is the main cast. And the gift he has is also amazing! The writer of heroes did an excellent job!

The most part i like the most is the season 1 finale. It was full of action and the scene is actually unpredictable. So bad that I had to wait another 6 months for the next season to come… just to know if Peter and Nathan survive the explosion, where and what timeline Hiro teleported. It was a lot of cliffhanger! Wah!

Technically speaking, I must salute the special effect specialist for bringing the imagination to reality. It was really the highlights of the show, no not the show, every episode! Some scenes to point were Claire Bennet was declared dead and she was ripped open exposing her ribs and lungs. Another was when Claire and West were sitting in the Hollywood monument and Claire jump off then West (the flying boy) catch her (oooww! so sweet); the scary eyes of Maya and Alenjandro when they exercise their powers; of course, every flying scene of Nathan, Peter and West; the electrifying power of Elle. I just didn't like bloods! Many scenes were shot with so much blood like when Claire falls off the building in their homecoming. When Sylar ripped off the head of another cheerleader and every time he kills his victim. Wah!

It was worth watching Heroes. It made me forget that I'm someone who watches just for the production or how the difficult scenes were shot. It entertains me... so much that I'm still waiting for the next season to come.


mye said...

what season are you watching?

Well Lagman said...

Its currently off the TV screen. It will be back for it's 4th season on around September 2009.