Seen in Big Screen 1: Kung Fu Panda

I've been dying to see the movie since the first time I laid eyes on the poster. It was March I think when I saw the movie poster while passing down the huge mall spaces. The title already suggested that it will be a Comedy/Action/Animation film. That's all in the poster.

What makes Action is the term "Kung Fu", obviously, i don't have to elaborate on that. What makes it look like Animation is the "Dreamworks Picture" which is I'm not fan of , really. Im a fan of Pixar! It did a great job that it made me watch the movie. And lastly, what makes it Comedy is the image of Panda posing in a Kung Fu. Hahahaha! That's the whole package!

It is a story of a big fan Panda. He is a big fan of Kung Fu. And he's not just a big fan, he is also literary big. I don't wanna have a story-telling here. But it was really funny. It never let my eyes take off the screen, waiting for a more actions. What's more funny is that the actions scene of a Panda and his master (i don't know if he's a Hamster or a rat) fighting for a piece of bun. Another question that leave unanswered is that his father. He's father is a Goose and he a Panda! Hahahaha! So ironic!

Well, I guess you should see the movie. If you already seen it, good. For those who haven't, go to the pirata nearest to you.


mye said...

ei! my daughters love this movie so much! they still watch it from time to time ^_^

nice post...nice theme...nice blog!

keep it up!

love - ina :)

Well Lagman said...

Thank you so much Mother!

Yeah it's been awhile since I last saw a "kiddie movie". All those TV series keep me occupied most of the times. It's worth posting! It brings out the kid in me which I forgot I still have. =]

love - ampon