Photoshop Works 1: Primer

I've been having a hard time learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop. The tools, the terminologies and the shortcut keys give me a headache. That's why I'm proud to post my very first "Photoshop Work".

Starting from scratch is very challenging. That's why for an amateur like me, I started by editing an image and apply simple effects. Below is the original picture of my college friends and a very short tag line that will describe us:

Random pictures show half of our faces and express a mysterious/normal/stupid look. Since there were 7 silly faces, I decided to match them with the 7 colors of the rainbow. I add a new layer showing each of the colors and then adjust for the best setting of the layer’s opacity to see the below image, and done! Believe me it took me 3 hours for selecting the most suitable for each of the colors. Just that color combination doesn’t suits me well but still I’m able to manage and get a perfect match! Below is the output: