Series Box 6: The Simple Life

The Simple Life is a comedy-reality TV show starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The main concept of the show is to show to the audience how to live in a simple life knowing that Paris and Nicole are both rich kids.

I never spent watching any episodes without laughing out loud. It was really hilarious and funny knowing how will they survive a day without money for food and for shopping and the only thing they can do is to work hard to earn their salary. Most of the times they take home nothing which is acceptable on their side. On the other side, they were successful on some jobs that they applied in and take home more than they e
xpect. Every job or task they assigned to work on was obviously their first time ever.

Personally, I love watching the whole show. From the opening remarks to the funny part and to the lessons learned at the end of each episode – yes, there is but rarely
. I really love the way they sing the Sanasa Song. It has one-word lyric repeated many times in different pitch and tempo. What a silly song, lol! One scene I love most was when they are traveling to their next job but they don’t have anything to eat nor money. So what they did was to stop in the nearest Burger King and order too much food. So when they were about to pay the food, they don’t have anything to. Nicole lied that she left the money on their car. So Nicole went to their car and tried her luck to find spare pennies or quarters but no luck finding any. On the other hand Paris, standing on the front of the cashier, started grabbing pieces of French Fries and satisfies her hungry stomach. Nicole came back and told Paris that she did not found any money at all. So Paris tried her luck on finding some money on the car while Nicole started eating. When Paris came back bringing nothing, the manager who is now standing on the cashier is getting too impatient on them while the two are enjoying the burger together. Being not able to pay what they’ve ordered, they ask random strangers for money. Hahahaha!

At the end of each day which is also the end of each episodes, there in one or more than one lesson life teaches not only Paris and Nicole but also the audience… and it grows and grows each day as the show progress. The simple things they do like talking to random strangers, riding public transports, sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, eating foods they haven’t eaten yet, wear uniforms, doing household chores and many more is just a proof that everyone is fair and equal. The show may be a total lie but it doesn’t deny the fact that the both celebrities learn a lot from mingling with the ordinary people and they obviously love it.