Series Box 5: Moonlight

It was the movie Twilight’s success when I heard about Moonlight. They’re the same not just by the name but also of the story and yes, it’s about vampires. Difference is, Moonlight is a TV series.

Having compared to Twilight, Moonlight was never really a hit. It is one of the reasons why it was removed from the TV screens and confirmed the cancellation. Too bad that very few fans campaigned for the come back of the series on the second season bu
t no luck. It only ran for one season.

Moonlight is a story of a vampire named Mick. Instead of using his abilities to hunt for blood, he became a private investigator. Just like the myth, he’s also craving for blood. He gets his food in the morgue where another vampire supplies him with blood. That’s how he survives.

Just like any other series, there’s a romantic part. A little innocent girl he saved from her wife when she was about to turn the child to a vampire. The little girl was now an all grown up reporter he’s still following and protecting. Her name is Beth. They’ve met sometime on a crime scene the once became twice until they regularly see each
other then the rest follows.

The main story revolves around the two. How they get along with each other and how they hide how they really feel towards each other. It was really a good series – a touch of romance on a paranormal life. Though there are many bloody scenes and scary fangs, it was worth watching especially if love story runs through the strange circumstances. What make me keep tune-in were the mushy scenes and when they’re talking about how they feel towards each other. Wondering if this time they gonna confess or keep pretending. The much awaited confrontation was happened on the last episode closing the season. You’re gonna say, “At last!”. Yes at last because it was the last scene from the last episode of the last season. Heart is fast beating and emotions running. It was a total cliffhanger! Too bas that it won’t back for the next season but the first season it aired was enough to say that the series is worth watching.