Series Box 1: Smallville

At first, I'm not a fan of Superman. I don't really appreciate him at all ever since I was a kid. I don't watch his movies. I don't buy his action figures or drawings. Well, things change.

A friend introduce me to Smallville. I don't know what the heck is it but instead of refusing the DVD she is giving me, I took it. When I got home, I got a chance to preview the DVD she held to me. Note that it was just one DVD, meaning one season and the series is at it's 5th! When I saw the contents I ask myself how am I be able to watch all seasons to the present to think that each season has 20+ episodes. I said to myself that i should return the disc to my friend and forget it. But before I get the disc from the player, I was curious and click the play button then the first episode runs. My curiosity still runs while it was playing. Why are so many fans are hooked up by this series to I let the episode runs then I was surprised by how the pilot episode was done. The meteor shower was great and I can't help it! Next thing I know, I was already hooked up! Hahahaha!

After a few minutes of running, my mother ask me to switch the TV to the regular TV programming and I'm still hungry for the series. I switch the TV to the regular programming and texted my classmate to bring the other 4 discs tomorrow when we see each other! Hahahaha!

I'm still watching the series in it's 7th season. I don't read a lot in the internet such as the spoilers cause what surprise me in the show were the surprises itself! It was the younger years of Superman, Smallville was its hometown before he moved to Metropolis like what most of the movie nowadays. He is not yet a part of Daily Planet but a friend of his. What makes it different is the cast the play the roles. Perfect choice I can say! The start of the Justice League starts here also, so another answers to my "whys and hows". So many points in the series as lovable like the new apple of the eye of Superman which is Lana Lang. A new character that most of the movies didn't show or shall i say didn't give importance. One thing that I really watch is how the relationship between Lois and Clark develop as the story progress when the character of Lois is definitely the "not liking Clark"! Hahaha!

I struggle very much just to watch the series even though Studio 23 already got the Season 7 Episodes. Well, honestly I only got Smallville Espidoes that time in a pirated CD. So I waited long enough just to get a complete season. Then I learned downloading. Even though one episode is too large, the quality didn't suffer so I stick to that! Hahaha! Now I don't have to buy a pirated CD and yet I'm also advanced in the TV airing! My friend who introduces me to Smallville doesn't have my time to watch the series, she already forget it.