Seen in Big Screen 7: 17 Again

17 Again is a romantic-comedy movie. The story is somehow resembles the movie 13 Going on 30 that stars Jennifer Garner. The difference is that in 17 Again the main cast become younger (17 to be exact) while 13 Going on 30 is the exact opposite - the main cast become older (30 years old to be exact).

Zac Efron
is back for another high school movie. This time he's not that young. He was turned young by his "guide" to a hot high school varsity again to fix some things that occurs from his past - his family. His marriage is at stake for his wife filed a divorce against him and he missed the growth of his children.

Zac never failed to perform any teenage roles specially the varsity type. I'm starting to think that he really born to do it. But what if he grow up to be a man, he may never perform the same roles flawlessly as he did. I just hope that he will start being verstile, flexible and explore the other roles that he can be capable of. And by the way, he is really good at basketball! I was under the impression that in his former teen movie,
High School Musical, he undergone some rehearsals practicing the basketball scenes. I just realized in this movie that the skill was really into him and not by chance, rehearsed for the movies' sake.

It's hard when you regret doing from the past that made a very big difference in the future. How I wish many time that if I have a chance, I will put things right. As they say,
"You're stupid when you're young", and that explains my I made some stupid decisions before. I never regret taking the risks, I've learned so much from it. I may have the frustrations as the main cast but the difference is that he had a chance to fix things. If I can get the same opportunity as he did, I will never take it. I don't wanna regret changing things as they were even if its for the better. I'm happy that I got dragged to the place and situation I am right now. Everything's happen for a reason and change is good... embrace it!