Series Box 9: Supernatural

Supernatural is a horror-suspense series in prime time. It's a story of two brothers who's professions are working with (obviously) supernatural elements or in simplest word - hunters. Not in a sense of animal hunters but on the paranormal side. Its runs through their family starting from their parents who starts the legacy they're into. Now, the brothers are walking the same road as they parents did to avenge their parents' death.

Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester (the older) and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester (the younger). Jared has a habit on being in horror movies. He's one of the main cast in another horror movie Friday the 13th. He's really good in this! Feels like I'm watching a movie adaptation of the TV series. I've never heard or read Jensen being in a horror movies before. I just remembered that he was a guest star in the 2nd season of Smallville as Clark's rival to Lana's heart and attention.

What catches my attention on the series is Dean's 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Based on the series, it's from his father who uses the same car when hunting during his younger days. What I found interesting on the car is it's classic. Very rare! Another interesting is the compartment beneath the trunk that hides all their hunting tools - from rock salt, holy water to knives to heavy duty guns. Very scary, huh!? What I found weird and strange about the car is it never broke nor destroyed! Hahaha! I just noticed it. Maybe in the coming season an episode or two will star the classic car.

Trust is what I'm seeing the best virtue the brother's exercise. Too many incidents that this trust was tested but they really have a tight attachment to each other. Maybe that's the last thing you can do if you can't trust other aside from your brother.

Demonic possession is the most cases the brother's are encountering. Based on the Philippine beliefs, only those who has no faith in God above will most likely be posses by demons. So I learned that having a good faith in God will free me from any harmful supernatural forces.