Daily Confessions 18: Alcoholic

All right… I’m an occasional drinker. I’m not yet an alcoholic.

I was in 3rd Year High School when I first tasted the sweetness and bitterness of beer. On the same session, the first time I met alcohol. And on that very night, I vomit to hell! Funny it may seem but after that very moment I puke almost all mg intestines, I was standing on the first step towards adulthood.

I was so lucky to remember all the details during that session when I was walking home… drunk! My friends say that I got a very high tolerance against alcohol. Even I was surprise when I also notice myself less drunk than the others. It was really fun when you see everyone more drunk than you do, doing hilarious and out of this world things. Good thing that were on a safe house so we get drunk and broke as much as we wanted. Then welcome the next day with an extreme hangover. And yes, I know the cycle! Been there! Lol!

Drinking session is one of the most common celebrations any Filipinos practice most, from simple gatherings up to grandiose occasions, from simple beer to expensive vodkas. It’s the Filipino’s way to have fun. Various bars and clubs are all over the country to satisfy Filipino’s thirst for alcohol. Fridays is a perfect day to drink and get broke so that no responsibilities (work) on the next day. Thank God it’s Friday!

I know I learned to drink on an illegal age. Ever wonder how that happened? Well here in Philippines, it was one of the laws that are mostly violated and law makers can’t control. Liquors are almost available on all kinds of store from a simple sari-sari store to the biggest malls. Why? Because all the vendors care is the profit, right?

I remember the first time I got broke. Lucky me that my memory still register every details though I’m heavy drunk. I know how to get home and I still definitely know what I am doing. Thank God fro giving me a very high tolerance on alcohol. Lolz!

So to share how good I am on every session I had, below are some pictures together with different circle of friends and from all walks of life:

This is also a proof that I still got good spirit though I’m a bit drunk. I can still take good photos! How about we go on a drinking session sometime? What do you say?


mye said...

wahehehe...i drank more than my limit once and never did it again. funny!

Well Lagman said...

I was at Metrowalk last night... correction, earlier! Nakauwi ako 7am na! Shocks! Almost 24 hours na akong dilat hahaha!

myalterego said...

hi, thanks for the EC drops :-)

buti ka pa nakaka-inom pa, ako di napwede.. i've reached my body/tummy's alcohol limit early, hehe.. kaya sad thing is, whenever i'm down or feeling depress, dehins na pwede makipag inuman.. iced tea na lng hehe...