Seen in Big Screen 10: District 9

District 9 is another movie that stars aliens. Compare to Aliens vs. Predators, War of the Worlds and The Mist, this movie is a total opposite. The aliens were overcome by humans and aliens seems to be harmless. This is a new twist to the usual context that the aliens are here to conquer and invade Earth. It's a must-see!

The movie doesn't have much action, drama or comedy. I don't know what genre it will fall (you can tell me on the comments below). All I can say it has all but of equal percentage just enough to keep me tune-in.

I was not surprised with the ending. It's quite predictable. I'm also looking into the possibility of the sequel. So that the predictability will be erase and replaced by surprises.

What amaze me is the movie is like a documentary. The camera is following the center cast that is working as a *toot* (no spoilers). That doesn't hinder me to fully understanding the movie. The delivery is informative.

The funny thing I just notice is that the awareness of humans to the existence of the aliens in their planet. Posters and reminders are being posted all over the city to inform the aliens that the place are for humans ONLY. The really hilarious is that aliens can read and understand human language. Same way with humans that can understand alien language though the only sound that comes from their mouth is like a squeaking rubbers. Lol! It is fun really. I enjoy watching it even I had to read the subtitles when the aliens are speaking. Good thing the copy I got has one! Lol!

I imagine the world with the same situation like it. And I think I may never survive a day with it. But I will definitely laugh out loud if there are posters like the one on the right! Lol!


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