Daily Confessions 19: My Top 10 Favorite TV Series Characters

In few years I got addicted to American series, I learned to have some favorite characters. This gives me the appetite (food?) or the drive to keep myself tuned-in. To share with you, below is my list.

10. Micah Sanders – portrayed by Noah Gray-Cabey on the series Heroes. His ability to talk to machines is so envious! I’m a techie person and if I’m going to have that kind of ability is such a relief to the kind of work I’m in right now.

9. Mick St. John - portrayed by Alex O'Loughlin on the series Moonlight. This hot private investigator vampire is really amazing. He was able to resolve a crime not only based from a skill of a normal investigator but his vampire ability is definitely an advantage. Hhmm, does all vampires has the looks and the outstanding capabilities?

8. Kyle Trager – portrayed by Matt Dallas on the series Kyle XY. This kid possesses too many capabilities a normal human can have. The story may be a fiction but the presentation on the series makes me believe that it will be possible on real life. He’s got brain like a computer and computes complex formulas in matter of seconds. Very brilliant kid!

7. Peter Petrelli - portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia on the series Heroes. Peter was everyone’s favorite on this series. He was able to mimic anyone's’ abilities of different characters. He can adopt fast to the capabilities. That is why he is the center character on the series. However, his powers were all gone from the last season of Heroes and make him vulnerable and powerless. So sad!

6. Chloe Sullivan – portrayed by Allison Mack on the series Smallville. Chloe is the best friend of Clark Kent since High School days. Being exposed to Clark’s secrets opens too many unfortunate events for her that makes her outstand. She is the computer geek on the series and was able to bypass every firewalls, hack too many severs even the alien technology just to help Clark. Being a very good friend to Clark put her life on danger. How I wish she still showcase her ability in the coming season of Smallville.

5. Sam Winchester - portrayed by Jared Padalecki on the series Supernatural. Naturally, Sam is a hunter. Not a hunter like dog hunters, but more on paranormal side. The two brothers (Sam and Dean) are equally great when it comes to combat. What makes Sam exceptional is his demonic side that is really a plus. He is using this power to defeat other demonic creatures on land. Pretty cool ah!

4. Chuck Bartowski - portrayed by Zachary Levi on the series Chuck. Among the other characters that I mentioned, this one is really the geek, the nerd and the lame! Haha! His role plays a significant difference on the first two season of Chuck. Well that’s why he is the center character. What surprises me is his transformation on the season finale on season 2. I can’t wait to see more of his clumsiness and brightness on the next season.

3. Claire Bennet - portrayed by Hayden Panettiere on the series Heroes. The extraordinary girl and the immortal one. Her role makes her align to the hottest teen stars like Lindsay Lohann and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. She was a boom in the series. Her ability to heal instantly is sometimes giving the comedy in the series. The very cute one was her chest was open revealing her lungs but she still alive. Hahaha! Can’t wait to see her again!

2. Michael Scofield - portrayed by Wentworth Miller on the series Prison Break. This man is giving me heart attacks while watching the series. He is very brilliant! From what I can see is he very gifted! I remember the character I play on the PSP game EXIT. He just like Mr. Escape that can flawlessly escape a certain situation given the very dangerous and complicated actions. He is the nearest closer to reality. How I wish I can have the same IQ and way of thinking as he is. Too bad that the series was totally out of the TV screens.

1. Sydney Bristow – portrayed by Jennifer Garner on the series Alias. Jennifer is so gorgeous on every mission she is. She is a double agent working as a spy for CIA. What makes her outstand is that she has the power of mind, instinct and body strength. Well those are really are the requirements to be a spy. What makes her different is her ability to portray different characters on her every missions. Her variety of looks is giving a total twist on the series. I enjoyed watching the 5 seasons and it keeps me awake until midnight watching the series. Hehehe!

So who are your top 10 favorite TV series? I'll be more than glad to hear on the comments below!


Beth (Margie and Edna's Basement) said...

Great list! I'm a big fan of Chuck and Supernatural, too. :)

fedhz said...

Oh, I love Chuck! and Sydney and Sam. But I wasn't able to watch the last seasons of Alias, and I don't really watch SuperNatural. I just get a glimpse of it sometimes when boyfriend watches.

I also watch Prison Break at times, but no fave character there.

I have watched Chuck, season 1 and 2, and I can't wait for the Season 3. I also love Charmed, Will and Grace, and Friends. ^^

Dragonblogger said...

3 out of 10 were Heroes characters, a clear fan. I liked all the shows on the list, surprised you didn't include Superman himself.

Rico said...

I like Sydney too!

I used to like Prison Break, Seasons I and 2 were great. Season 3 sucked.

Have yet to watch Herous again, and Lost too.

My absolute fave would have the Friends cast. All of them.

I'm currently loving Barney of How I met your mother. Hilarious.

Mara said...

I enjoy watching TV series too. I watch A LOT of them. One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, House, CSI, Sex and the City, Supernatural, Chuck, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, etc. etc.

Here are my favorites (in no particular order):

1. Dean Winchester
2. Barney Stinson
3. Samantha Jones
4. Chuck Bartowski
5. Aaron Hotchner
6. Blair Waldorf
7. Dr. Gregory House
8. Chuck Bass
9. Cristina Yang
10. Stanford Blatch

and a lot lot lot more. :)

Isis@Pinaybackpacker said...

I love Chuck, too!!! And Sidney Bristow of Alias. :D

Lately, I'm also into Prison Break. Wentworth Miller's character Michael Scofield is so sexy!!!

Well Lagman said...

@All - thank you for the comments and visits!
@Beth - Thank you!
@fhedz - Just notice that we got the same taste when it comes to TV series. nice!
@Dragonblogger - you noticed that! lol! why i didn't include clark kent? the character is predictable.
@Rico - After I finished Harper's Island, i will watch "How I met your mother" I got good vibes of the series!
@Mara - nice list! i should do my homework and familiarize with the unknown characters on your list.
@Isis@Pinaybackpacker - if that's what you watch, then you got good taste!

Marice said...

great list! we got the same #1 spot! i soooo heart sydney! and michael vaughn!

love your #2,5 and 6 too :)

spinninglovelydays said...

- the guys on the big bang theory
- temperance "bones" brenner
- barnie stinson (himym - love the hot gay guy, lol)
- olive snook (pushing daisies - only because i've always been a fan of kristen chenoweth)
- dwight shrute, hehe (the office)
um, the rest will totally show how stuck i am in the past, lol
- jill in baywatch (killed by a shark)
- tom hanson (21 jumpstreet)
- parker lewis
- punky brewster
okay, there's more, but i'll stop :)

isthiscatchyenough said...

yay! I also like matt dallas! haha! Great list dude!