Series Box 12: Fallen

Fallen is a miniseries from ABC Family channel that shows every weekend. I’m not sure what time and how the context of miniseries is implemented. I don’t live in the United States. I got the series in one DVD and commercials were already omitted. Anyways, based on what I read it was separated into three parts or shall I say separated into three episodes. Too bad that finished the series in two days.

The concept and idea is very interesting. I can compare the conspiracy to The Da Vinci Code. The difference is that the latter is just a fiction while Fallen depicts closer to the universal beliefs about angels, God and demons.

The opening remark is such a good introduction to every episode. It narrates the history of the Nephilim or human beings with a power of an angel. In short, they are product of a human being and an angel. And in this series, Aaron Corbett - portrayed by Paul Wesley - is the main character.

It was his 21st birthday when he discovers his angelic ability started when he hears his dog talking. From that day, his life changed. Based from the conspiracy, one Nephilim will be born who has power to redeem the other fallen angels and send them back to heaven, and that was him, Aaron Corbett. I will stop from here in case there are spoiler-haters reading my post. Take this as one of the teasers.

One thing that frustrates me watching the series is the airtime length. Actually, I came back to where I bought the copy and asked why I only got a 10 episode series with 5 minutes each episode. I was about to freak out when someone on the same store advise me that I should finish the series first before I complain. So that’s what I did. I went home excited and a bit embarrassed then I started watching again.

The series is too short. The series can stretch more ideas and plots that can excite its audience. I want to see more action when angels are fighting. The special effects are awesome! The angel’s wings that looks like a real wings. I just notice that some angels have black wings instead of the widely known white. The first time I saw that, I assume they were demons. Lol! I was wrong.

The other special effect that amazes me is what they called the angel fire. It is a sword with burning fire. It wasn’t a thing that needs to be carry anywhere. It will show up once the angel thinks of it and it will automatically appear on their hand. Cool ah!

The experience watching the show maybe too short but I was able to enjoy it though. If there will be a sequel to this miniseries, please make it a one season series. Too frustrated. The topic is interesting but the airtime play hinders to fully express it and prolong more exciting scenes.