Seen in Big Screen 12: Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

I really hope that this will be the last installment on the series. I got pissed off! It's been awhile since I got a dose of horror and suspense in my system. I desperately need some excitement and adrenalin rush but this movie makes me yawn and put me half-asleep.

I do expect a more from the third installment. Every trilogy got the best on the last sequel but not this one. Shocks! I was really disappointed!

I will cite some supporting details on how I felt pissed off and totally disappointed. There's no really a "wrong turn" on the plot.

Casts were intentionally pushed to the wrong direction. Gosh! How lame!

There's only one women on the main casts compare to a 5-7 men. How will you keep the balance of masculinity and feminine on the series? Of course, this is not a love story so I hope that even a gender balance on the plot is present.

The first scene is much better where teenagers are looking for an adventure in the woods then the story goes. The plot started inside a penitentiary! The highlights directs me to the old ex convict men. I'm expecting a more younger roles which was introduced by the first two prequels. I got surprised when I see myself following the story of these men! What's this? Prison Break?! Gosh!

The killings - Oh My God! I wasn't impressed! First of all, there were less than 10 cast. So meaning there are minimal possibility to see some killings. Wait, they're holding guns! Oh C'mon! I've seen too many killings on different movies using guns. I'm hoping not to see the like on this since the main setting is woods and guns seems to be the last item on the killing list. Well since they manage to insert it, great job! The best killings I saw on the movie was the one tied by bard wires - very tight, from head to foot.

I wasn't impressed. Sorry for all the inappropriate words I used and some exaggerated expressions. It's just that it didn't met the expectation from the previous one. Have you seen this movie? Let me know if you got the same feeling or it's just me.